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A huge resort resembling the moon may soon be built in Dubai

A huge resort resembling the moon may soon be built in Dubai, which already features the highest skyscraper in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Moon World Resorts Inc. (MWR), a Canadian architectural firm, has proposed the $5 billion project, which it has dubbed "Moon Dubai."
Here is everything you need know about it:

1. Sandra Matthews and Michael Henderson of MWR came up with the idea for Moon Dubai, which will have a "lunar surface" and be encircled by a "lunar colony." According to Matthews and Henderson, the resort will be able to host 10 million tourists a year once it is fully finished.


2. They claimed that the "lunar colony" will enable visitors to enjoy "cheap space tourism" in the largest metropolis of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The pair said that the colony would be large enough to host 2.5 million visitors a year.

3. The resort will be built in 48 months, and its height will be 735 feet (225 metres).

4. The structure is anticipated to include, among other things, a training facility for astronauts and space agencies as well as opulent private homes known as "Sky Villas."

5. Around 300 "Sky Villa" units will be for sale, and those who buy them will become members of a prestigious private club.


6. Additional amenities at Moon Dubai include a spa and wellness area, a nightclub, an event space, a bar, and a "moon shuttle." Moon World has not yet provided information about this shuttle.

7. A 5-star built-out standard, a 5-diamond resort operating level, and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Gold accreditation are all proposed for the project.

The Dubai real estate market will be greatly impacted by this project. In the 48 months it will take to complete, the properties near the resort are expected to experience a significant increase in rental income and capital growth.


«The Moon» in the center of Dubai? A resort complex in the form of a satellite of the Earth is already in development.

The idea of the Moon tourist project was proposed by the Canadian architectural company Moon World Resorts Inc. Construction of the 224-meter-high lunar building will cost $5 billion and take about 4 years. The resort will be able to receive from 2.5 million guests a year.

How will the Moon Dubai Resort be «stuffed»? First, the «Moon» will house a training platform for various space agencies and their astronauts. There will also be a private residence with luxury apartments (about 300), which can be purchased and thus become a member of an exclusive private club on the Moon. In addition to all this, it will be possible to relax in spas and nightclubs.

Moon Dubai is expected to contribute to the emirate’s economy and «breathe new life» into sectors such as entertainment, education, technology and space tourism.

— Moon Dubai will become a grand tourist project in the entire Middle East and North Africa region. It will double the inflow of tourists to Dubai and improve the attractiveness and recognition of the city as a brand, — said the authors of the project G. Matthews and R. Henderson.

But so far these are just grand plans. In order to bring them to life, the company is going to hold a series of shows to present the project, then obtain a regional license, conduct preliminary development, and finally start construction.