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Deyaar Properties

Deyaar Group was founded in 2001 by Saeed Al Qatami. With its headquarters in Dubai, Deyaar Group builds structures and crafts destinies by selling properties in Dubai. As pioneering developers in the UAE, they take pride in fashioning architectural marvels that echo the aspirations of a dynamic nation. With innovation at its core and excellence in DNA, Deyaar Group transcends traditional boundaries to shape skylines and redefine urban living, making any investor irresistible to buy property in Dubai.


From luxurious residences to visionary commercial spaces, Deyaar Group turns dreams into tangible realities, creating spaces that inspire, captivate, and elevate the essence of modern living. With Primo Capital, join the lucrative journey of UAE real estate where imagination knows no limits in properties by Deyaar Group.


Deyaar shares Dubai's progressive vision and indomitable zeal. We have developed ambitious projects for over two decades, including world-class residential developments, iconic commercial towers, and splendid hotels. Every project we undertake is underpinned by the desire to set new benchmarks. Whether a stunning tower in a bustling business district or a delightful apartment building within a warm community complex, the Deyaar DNA is at the heart of every structure we construct.

- Saeed Al Qatami, Chief Executive Officer



Awards achieved by Deyaar Group:

- Deyaar Group has won "The Best in Technology & Innovation" in Construction Innovation Awards 2019

- In March 2018, Deyaar won "The Prestigious Best Real Estate Project" in Gulf Real Estate Awards 2018

- In October 2017, Deyaar Facilities Management won Construction Innovation Awards 2017

- In October 2017, Deyaar won ICT Achievement Awards 2017

- In 2016, Deyaar was named among the Arab world's leading real estate companies by Forbes Middle East


Why Buy Property in Dubai with Deyaar Group?

- Deyaar Group is the UAE real estate sector's leading residential and commercial developer.

- Deyaar Group ensure to deliver the best to their client by infusing rigorous tests, from the initial design plans to the finishing touches. Hence, each project passes the highest quality standards.

- Takes pride in always setting new benchmarks for the industry 

- Consistently exceeds customers' expectations along the way.

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