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Oro 24

An innovative real estate company focusing on investments, facility management, and developments, ORO24 is situated in Dubai (UAE). At ORO24, financial value engineering and innovative real estate solutions are seamlessly incorporated across various company verticals, including co-habitation assets, business parks, premium luxury housing, and affordable housing. ORO24 is a customer-driven company that produces value-based solutions and integrates artificial intelligence (AI) and technology into every aspect of the business, giving customers a portal to their dreams and customized experiences.

The founder of ORO24 believes that business is a combination of "Intention", "Vision", and "Courage". I have integrated transparency, governance, integrity, equality, and commitment into the DNA of ORO24, a real estate corporation that I created. Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, it is my vision to establish a unique and modern corporation.



ORO 24 Headquarters:

ORO24 Headquarters is a cutting-edge building with a warm atmosphere. The foundation of our brand is providing outstanding experiences to our partners, partners, and customers. Every aspect of the infrastructure has been painstakingly designed to give everyone an unmatched expertise, from having a central and practical headquarters position to the main design and features kept within.

Mission & Vision of ORO 24:

The vision behind ORO24 is developing dynamic, futuristic, sustainable, and inventive assets of unmatched quality that improve the lifestyles of our clients and become the preferred partner in global real estate. Establishing value engineering using cutting-edge technology that enables us to fulfil the deadlines and budgets of our clients without lowering the quality of our work is the mission behind ORO24 properties.

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