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Five Holding


Five Holdings is a capital real estate agency in Dubai. Having an impressive presence, which is impressive globally among many countries, it also operates multiple real estate firms, including hospitality, development, restructuring and investment. The firm operates in significance and perfection with projects in lush places; the locations are breathtaking, the stunning architectural buildings and residences, and the grand design is extruded elegantly, yielding a good return on investment. As the project identifies itself as a producer of different developments, it has also created some enormous and famous exclusive residential projects. Its stunning locations, award-winning nightclubs and restaurants, incredible rooms and suites, spectacular pools and lush green terraces also characterise it.

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Developer’s Initials

This real estate development was founded in 2004, and since then, it has been under development. After that, it was established in 2011 as Skai Holdings by the founder Kabir Mulchandani. He then changed the name to Five Holdings in 2017. In addition to creating stunning architectural masterpieces, developers have made a name for themselves globally by applying their many skills to improve society and the economy. The remarkable contributions have made this group reach the top of the real estate sectors in Dubai.

 Kabir Mulchandani

He stated on the contrary of revising the brand’s new image:

"We've started thinking of ourselves as an entertainment company."

 Kabir Mulchandani

Projects by Five Holdings

The company focuses on developing a revolutionary cycle using various resources and people. They have completed outstanding projects in the best locations in Dubai, including Palm Jumeirah. With a strong international presence in several countries, Five Holdings has established itself as one of the leading real estate developers. Some of the fantastic projects by Five Holdings are listed below.

  • Five Luxe
  • Five Jumeirah Village Dubai
  • Five JBR Residences
  • Zuha Island

Five Holdings Strong Reputation

11th Most Powerful Indian in the Gulf for the year 2013.

Real Estate Portfolio of $2 billion

Introducing Private Jet Services as 9H FIVE

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