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Shamal Holding

Shamal Holding is an investing firm established in Dubai. Their real estate portfolio includes anything from master-planned communities to commercial locations. Nad Al Sheba Gardens is a planned residential complex with nearly 8,500 residences, whereas Dubai Harbour is a seaside zone intended for a maritime lifestyle. Kite Beach, one of their retail attractions, was selected Best Beach in Dubai in 2021, and the Dubai Harbour Yacht Club is an architectural masterpiece. Their infrastructure includes the region's largest marina, Dubai Harbour Marinas, and the Gulf region's first dedicated cruise port, the Dubai Harbour Cruise Terminal. These diversified projects demonstrate their commitment to quality and innovation in Dubai's transition into a global city. Primo Capital is a proud seller of properties developed by Shamal Holding, showcasing the epitome of quality and innovation.

Why Choose Shamal Holding Properties:

  • Pioneers in modern architectural design.
  • Commitment to sustainable building practices.
  • Diverse property portfolio catering to various needs.
  • Strong track record of timely project deliveries.
  • Transparent and customer-centric approach.
  • High-quality materials ensure durability and value.
  • Strategic locations ensure optimal property appreciation.
  • Integrated communities are promoting holistic living.
  • After-sales services and strong community support.

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