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Imtiaz Developers is a top-notch real estate agency in Dubai. It has multidisciplinary capabilities, helping lead the nation's full-service real estate development company. Since its inauguration, the company has built over 2,000 residential units, four million square feet of office space, and more than two million square feet of retail. It adapts to market conditions' flux, capitalizing on emerging opportunities while anticipating and mitigating risks. Imtiaz developments have exceptionally sound information about targeting a certain number of audiences and investors to commence their businesses. Their esteem knowledge about real estate is highly recognizable, and they have maintained the audacity of being the best for many years. Thanks to the expertise enriched with diversity, which has brought massive success worldwide.

Primo Capital services liability, trust and a unique way of living where you are given the best choices for choosing the right place for an excellent lifestyle experience. Imtiaz Developments mend straight ways to avail the offer to satisfy a discerning clientele ready to invest in prime locations.

Developer’s Initials

Masih Imitiaz is the CEO of Imtiaz Developments, which established this giant in early 2004 and is headquartered in Dubai. Imtiaz Developments is an international company focused on custom property development, acquisition, construction and strategic investment. The creative mind and exceptional skillset have established a modicum of trust and liability with our clients. Imtiaz Developments is strategically positioned to benefit from exciting global economic transitions.

"The investors' confidence in the Dubai real estate market and their keenness to invest in premium properties have allowed us to develop innovative projects that redefine user experience growth.”

Masih Imtiaz

Projects by Imtiaz Developments

Imtiaz Developers are best known for giving homely projects that have changed the city's landscape through innovative designs, using high-quality construction materials, great architectural-driven projects and a platform of trust to deliver the ultimate value to its customers. These developers are recognized for the strategic and significant mixed-use architecture that reflects the community's outlined morals and boundaries for engineering and design. They have transformed the whole architectural arena by proposing urban spaces that are simpler, easy to move in, and sustainable, along with a spectrum of vibrant communities. Some of the company’s exclusive and luxurious real estate projects are as follows.

  • Pearl House at JVC
  • Westwood Grande
  • Westwood Grande 2
  • Westwood

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