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The UAE division of R. Evolution is backed by a broad network of domestic and internatio nal elite partners. It is a capital real estate company in Dubai, and its executive team includes seasoned professionals from the neighbourhood, like Alex Zagrebelny and Qasim Mansoor. It assures that a powerful fusion of innovation and expertise will influence its forthcoming endeavours. R. Evolution is prepared to establish itself in Dubai with over 20 years of expertise in building architectural wonders around Europe. This new construction offers a distinctive combination of unusual, ground-breaking, and sustainable living spaces that seamlessly match people's demands with the beauty of the built environment and their respect for the environment. This project demonstrates R. Evolution's dedication to producing experiences that modify and improve human lives rather than just physical structures.

Primo Capital services liability, trust and a unique way of living where you are given the best choices for choosing the right place for an excellent lifestyle experience. R. Evolution is remarkable in paving ways to avail the exciting offers for unique projects in prime locations.

Developer’s Initials

Alex Zagrebelny is the chairman and CEO of R. Evolution. He has been a part of this company since 2003. His mission for this company was to run effectively and smoothly, and how he has fulfilled the requirements is remarkable. He has emphasised the perfect commitment to influence the lives of residents positively. The goal of being a caring company is accomplished through its sleek design and care for customers worldwide with its quality deals and persistence in maintaining the charm overall.

Alex Zagrebelny

R. Evolution Best Project

A multi-award-winning European luxury real estate developer, R.evolution, has begun work on its first residential property in the United Arab Emirates. The project, called Eywa, is a cutting-edge construction that seeks to reimagine urban living in Dubai in the future. 

On the account, for explaining why Eywa will be R. Evoltion’s best project, he stated: “It almost goes without saying why healthy and sustainable housing is so important. We take an active approach to reducing carbon footprint, minimise waste and use sustainable practices.”

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