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For the previous 20 years, Prescott Real Estate has been one of the capital real estate agencies in Dubai. It is considered a top developer specializing in creating residential and commercial buildings of the most outstanding calibre and aesthetic at the city's most advantageous sites. Prescott Developers is an exciting and vibrant business that strives to provide the most significant level of customer service. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the company's main activities include purchasing and developing key land locations, planning, designing, and building real estate, and then selling the houses, offices, and retail space it creates. Prescott has developed every development project to the finest craftsmanship, design, and quality levels. Prescott is now one of the up-and-coming real estate development leaders in Dubai under the direction of a group of international architects, engineers, and R&D specialists.

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Developer’s Initials

Prescott Developments was founded in 2005, and since then, they have been delivering meticulous projects. Muhammad Shafi is Prescott Developments's CEO, headquartered in Dubai. Prescott Developments provides projects in the prime locations that are best to experience an excellent life. Our prospective initiatives are undertaken with enthusiasm, passion, and dedication, as in our earlier successful ventures. We ensure that your investment in our company will be beneficial and cater you to new successful heights in future.

Muhammad Shafi

“Our aim is to deliver exceptional levels of service and knowledge, client-requested real estate investment solutions, proactive and transparent communication, great service, and continuous development to preserve and grow capital with risk-adjusted returns.”

Muhammad Shafi

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Prescott Developers is a fascinating and active company that aims to offer the highest calibre of client service. The company's primary activities in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, include buying and developing important land locations, planning, designing, and building real estate, and marketing the homes, offices, and retail space it produces.

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