Abu Dhabi joins the race for robust growth in 2024

  • Primo Capital
  • February 8 2024

The unique capital of the UAE remains a demonstration of the country's flaunting factor for greatness in land with stunning deals available, such as houses for sale in Abu Dhabi. The esteem works for being in the same category as its distinguished partner, Dubai; homes for sale in Abu Dhabi are paving ways to become recognisable in real estate. Famous for its immediacy in embracing extraordinary undertakings, Abu Dhabi has arisen as a vital participant in the strong development of the UAE's land area. The city is a work of art made of innovation, with stunning construction projects that show the city's ambition and foresight. 

Abu Dhabi's commitment to elevating its real estate landscape is striking compared to other emirates. Iconic structures and innovative urban planning initiatives shape its skyline. Driving strategies in real estate, for example, property for sale in Abu Dhabi having off plan apartments and houses, is an impulsive attitude that exemplifies the commitment to exceeding the highest standards. It is establishing itself as a shining example of modernity and progress within the UAE by providing investors with what they want.

Booming Economy – The Reason for Growth via Robust Options for Property for Sale in Abu Dhabi 

The Emirate has maintained a stable macroeconomic environment while consolidating its international position and preserving its competitive edge. It likewise mirrors the outcome of Abu Dhabi's broadening methodology endeavours driven by the Abu Dhabi Division of Monetary Turn of Events (ADDED), which included supporting a business-strong climate, a vigorous administrative system, and an unmatched network and foundation to improve its capacities to accomplish a reasonable and savvy financial turn of events as per the Arabian Business. The primary reason for the state's growth is the launch of versatile deals to buy property for sale in Abu Dhabi, entertaining all kinds of audiences. 

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Considering UAE Market Trends & Strategising Accordingly for Potential Growth 

The Emirate has been strategically diversifying its economy, enforcing prudent fiscal policy, and responding to market needs and trends in stages. Initiatives to improve legal and regulatory frameworks to promote domestic investments and encourage foreign direct investment have occurred over the past year. Not only this, but the famous deals, including houses for sale in Abu Dhabi and off plan properties for sale in Abu Dhabi, traversed the real estate realm with great options coming one after other.  

Additionally, the Abu Dhabi Industrial Strategy (ADIS), launched in June 2022, significantly contributes to the Emirate's economic diversification. According to Arabian Business, ADIS intends to strengthen the Emirate's position as the most competitive industrial hub in the region by investing AED10 billion in several programs to more than double the sector's size to AED172 billion, create 13,600 new jobs and increase the Emirate's non-oil exports to AED178.8 billion by 2031.

Rise in Demand of Property for Sale in Abu Dhabi

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The residential capital values of the UAE’s state will increase by 3 to 5% in 2024, as per the previous year's real estate transactions, where investors buying property for sale in Abu Dhabi crossed over AED 46.33 billion in mid-2023. This consistent development is supported by an essential period of extension. This year, they also guess that freehold manor networks will see unassuming increments while condo costs will stay stable. Due to lower mortgage rates, there may also be an increase in the number of homeowners in the New Year.

According to the report in the Economy Middle East, Lower mortgage rates in 2024 could motivate aspiring homeowners to embrace ownership. It could lead to an increase in mortgage transactions compared to off plan property for sale in Abu Dhabi, where transactions are predicted to slow down. Regarding private rents, both manor and condo sub-markets could accomplish unassuming increases. This mirrors the area's general forward movement. 

Buy Property for Sale in Abu Dhabi & Secure Your Investment Portfolio 

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Abu Dhabi's climb to match its brotherly state, Dubai, in land marvels is undeniable. Situated as the best other option, Abu Dhabi decisively benefits from the taking off request and shortage of properties in Dubai. Financial backers looking for worthwhile open doors are attracted to Abu Dhabi's carefully arranged land scene with stunning options to buy property for sale in Abu Dhabi. So, if you are planning for any investment, you must check splendid options for property for sale in Abu Dhabi at Primo Capital as it will match the current requirements, and you will be satisfied with the best housing option. 


1. What is the real estate outlook for Abu Dhabi in 2024?

Generally speaking, 5-7% cost increments are gauged alongside hearty interest, raised off-plan deals, packed yields, rising new hubs, and an office/retail rise supported by financial development.

2. What is the fastest-growing state of the UAE?

The Abu Dhabi economy is the quickest developing in the Center East and North Africa, with a meaningful 9.3% development last year. Last year, non-oil sectors comprised 50% of GDP, and real estate, healthcare, and real estate all saw significant growth per Arabian Business.

3. Is it worth buying property in Abu Dhabi?

Because there are no taxes on capital gains or rental income, this makes it an excellent location for property investments. High rental yields: Abu Dhabi offers the most noteworthy rental yields on the planet, with average yields of around 7-8%.


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