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  • November 10 2023

Properties for sale in Dubai are incomplete without mentioning Al Wasl properties Muhaisnah 4! This truth behind such popularity lies within Al Wasl properties' integrity & dedication, which they embrace & infuse in every development they have delivered in Dubai. Among the plethora of properties for sale in Dubai, the buyers often ask specifically for Al Wasl properties Muhaisnah 4. This surprising yet wise demand of investors has boosted the spirits of developers as well, which, as a result, hyped the Dubai property market with Al Wasl “ sold out quickly” properties. Properties delivered by Al Wasl in Muhaisnah 4 are not only high in standards, but also these architectural marvels encapsulate a higher level of luxury living! In this blog, our teams of experts will share their opinions on how Al Wasl properties Muhaisnah 4 are making rounds in their listings and why every requirement of buyers is smartly fulfilled by these properties for sale in Dubai by any Al Wasl developers!

Al Wasl Properties For Sale In Dubai


Al Wasl’s strategic evolution has been pivotal in establishing it as a key player in Dubai's transformation into a global centre for residential luxury, commercial strength, and tourism appeal.

Al Wasl properties were founded on the historic day of May 25, 2008, at the behest of the Dubai Real Estate Corporation (DREC).

Its two main objectives are to oversee and expand the corporation's portfolio of assets. Also the goal is to enhance Dubai's standing as the ideal destination for travel, employment, and living standards. The Dubai Development Board and the Real Estate Department, two crucial government agencies, strategically combined to form this endeavour. Al Wasl was put on a path of expansion and innovation by this merger, which was more than just a name combination. It was a synthesis of visions, a meeting point of tradition and modernity.

Al Wasl Properties meeting investor’s requirements

Al Wasl Properties meeting investor’s requirements

To meet the ever-changing demands of the real estate market, Al Wasl has undergone a process of transformation. They were exemplified by the careful integration of diverse business practices and the development of core competencies. It led to a revitalization of investment strategies, HR initiatives, and operational strategies, which accelerated Wasl's rise to prominence as one of Dubai's top real estate management companies. This shift has been made possible by Wasl's unwavering dedication to quality and keen sense of the state of the market. It allowed them to provide unmatched customer service and investment insight.

Al Wasl properties are involved in various demanding fields, including investment management, hospitality, and project and property management. Wasl not only participated in each sector but frequently led it with forward-thinking initiatives and management approaches that reverberated with sophistication and sustainability.

Over the course of overseeing an extensive portfolio for DREC and other stakeholders, Wasl has created a tapestry of real estate wonders, ranging from opulent residential complexes to soaring commercial spaces to expansive industrial plots. This varied collection of works encapsulates Dubai's complex allure and attests to Al Wasl's pivotal role in shaping the urban story of the emirate.


As the esteemed Chairman of Wasl Properties, His Highness Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum will steer the company forward with a steady and astute hand. His Highness personifies the visionary leadership that guides the business and ensures that Wasl's expansion and initiatives are in perfect harmony with Dubai's more extensive economic strategies. This guarantees that projects such as the Muhaisnah 4 properties in Al Wasl are more than just residential areas; instead, they are essential components of Dubai's dynamic urban fabric.

The Chairman is being supported by His Excellency Hesham Al Qassim, vice chairman of the Dubai Real Estate Corporation (DREC) and chief executive officer of Wasl. The group's extensive portfolio is being expanded and diversified under the leadership of H.E. Al Qassim's strategic vision, which includes the highly regarded Al Wasl properties Muhaisnah 4.

 Under his direction, Wasl Properties has made a substantial contribution to Dubai's story of urban development by not only capturing but also filling niche market gaps. H.E. Al Qassim is the leader of a group of eminent business experts who collectively bring a plethora of real estate and ancillary sector experience to the forefront of Wasl's operations.

The extensive market knowledge of this executive team is essential for directing Wasl Properties' daily operations and long-term growth strategies. The strategic placement of the Muhaisnah 4 Wasl apartments, which perfectly combines substantial shareholder value with customer-centric services, is a clear reflection of their coordinated efforts.

The group's unwavering creativity and commitment have been instrumental in making Wasl properties Muhaisnah 4 a prominent feature in Dubai's real estate market, providing residents with a home that reflects the aspirations and passion for excellence of the emirate.

How WASL PROPERTIES for sale in Dubai are committed to affordable housing solutions?

Al Wasl Properties meeting investor’s requirements

The 280 reasonably priced housing units that Wasl Properties, a well-known real estate management company and subsidiary of Wasl Asset Management Group, is set to lease in the busy Muhaisnah district will expand the possibilities of urban living. This action aligns with the company's strategic plan to provide the mid-income market with high-quality, affordable housing options, further solidifying its dedication to improving Dubai's residential real estate market.

The Wasl flats in Muhaisnah 4 project, which is set to revolutionize modern urban living, consists of 23 buildings that house 1,244 residential units total—a combination of studios, one-, two-, and three-bedroom Wasl flats. With a supermarket, mosque, beautifully landscaped areas, and plenty of parking, residents will experience a fully integrated community.

Why Wasl flats in Muhaisnah 4 are perfect for middle-class earners?

Al Wasl's history is constantly written about innovation, growth, and an unwavering pursuit of excellence, just as Dubai's skyline aspires ever higher. The organization played a pivotal role in Dubai's transformation from a remote desert settlement to a thriving metropolis.

Its history is a record of aspirations fulfilled, serving as both a basis and a Launchpad for further goals. Al Wasl properties in Muhaisnah 4 ensure that the city's heartbeat is as lively as the lives it nurtures within its opulent boundaries by shaping Dubai's story with each project and initiative.

Wasl flats in Muhaisnah 4 are an excellent choice for middle-class earners for several reasons, including their alignment with financial accessibility and practicality.

Convenient Payment Plans

First, Wasl Properties provides convenient payment plans that lessen the burden of lump-sum payments because it recognizes the financial limitations and aspirations of middle-class earners. With this strategy, residents can better manage their money without sacrificing their quality of life.

Affordable properties for sale in Dubai Options

Secondly, the project is an example of inexpensive housing options that don't compromise on style for price. Comfortable living quarters, contemporary conveniences, and a friendly neighbourhood are accessible to middle-class earners without exceeding their budget. Many people can now realize their dream of living in a bustling metropolis like Dubai thanks to these reasonably priced housing options.

Muhaisnah 4 Wasl flats are Flexible to pay

Additionally, Wasl Properties frequently offers the option of making instalment payments. This approach divides the total cost into affordable instalments, which is particularly helpful for people with a consistent monthly salary. Families can better plan their budgets and ensure they have enough money set aside for housing and other living expenses by using the instalment system.

The off plan projects category

Last but not least, middle-class earners can purchase real estate at a reduced initial cost thanks to Wasl Properties' off-plan projects, like those in Muhaisnah 4. When buying off-plan, there are frequently cash incentives and early bird discounts available. This can be especially helpful for individuals who want to get the most out of their investment while staying within a strict budget.

For middle-class individuals looking for quality, affordability, and prudent investment in Dubai's real estate market, Wasl apartments in Muhaisnah 4 are a sensible and appropriate option because of all these factors.

  • Recreation Area: A shared area where residents can engage in leisure activities and build a sense of community.

AL Wasl Properties Amenities

Al Wasl Properties takes great satisfaction in providing a wide range of amenities to suit various needs and lifestyles. This is a list of the amenities found in Dubai real estate listings for Al Wasl properties for sale in Dubai.

  • Panoramic Windows and Balconies: Al Wasl properties have wide windows and balconies which add natural light and outdoor access to living spaces while providing breathtaking city views.
  • Children's Playroom: A safe, entertaining space for kids to play that guarantees amusement in a secure setting is infused in Al Wasl projects.
  • Dining and Unwinding: Find convenient dining options for delightful culinary experiences are offered by the on-site restaurant and café near Al Wasl flats
  • Recreation Area: Enjoy shared area where residents can engage in leisure activities and build a sense of community.
  • Fitness Room: Outfitted with contemporary exercise gear, this area promotes residents' well-being and health objectives.
  • Elevator Access: Al Wasl properties enhance daily convenience by offering quick and easy access to every floor.
  • Barbecue Area: Perfect for get-togethers, this space in Al Wasl properties lets locals host and partake in outdoor barbecues.
  • Security and Surveillance: Everyone lives in a safe environment in their projects, thanks to CCTV and strong security systems.
  • Educational Proximity: Families with children can easily access nearby schools for their educational needs.
  • Landscaped Gardens and Green Spaces: Aesthetically pleasing areas for unwinding and taking in the outdoors.
  • Parking Facilities: Ample parking lots are available, guaranteeing both convenience and the security of cars.


Al Wasl properties in Muhaisnah 4 are evidence of Dubai's dedication to fusing luxury and affordability. These properties for sale in Dubai provide middle-class earners with an opportunity to live well in a vibrant urban setting by combining strategic vision, market insight, and careful planning. Wasl's payment plans, instalment choices, and off-plan projects meet the needs of its residents in a way that makes the dream of owning a home in Dubai achievable. Wasl flats in Muhaisnah 4, a shining example of reasonably priced housing, are more than just places to live. They’re significant moments in Dubai's continuous tale of development and prosperity. The ultimate goal of Al Wasl properties in Muhaisnah 4 is to create a gated, safe community that perfectly captures Dubai's ideal urban lifestyle seamlessly!


For Wasl properties, how do I pay my rent?

As long as the credit card was issued in one of the following countries: the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, or Saudi Arabia, we accept payment by JCB, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, and MasterCard.

Is Wasl Properties an organization owned by the government?

Wasl was established due to the merger of the Dubai Development Board and the Real Estate Department, two government organizations. Since then, it has concentrated on several important business areas, such as project and property management, hospitality, and investment management.

What is Muhaisnah Dubai's PIN code?

What is Muhaisnah's PIN code? Muhaisnah in Dubai has the pin code 599999.

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