Another Booster in Commercial Property in Dubai - 14 Hotels on the Way!

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  • January 28 2024

Property investment in Dubai 2024 has become vital, with outstanding options for commercial property for sale in Dubai by the elite developers housed in premium locations, elevating the investment charm. The commercial property for sale in Dubai is exceptionally withstanding the benefits for investors as being in the prime premises; the value is expected to increase eventually, which will reap a sound future profit. In this blog, we will discuss the fourteen options for commercial property for sale in Dubai that will catapult investors' interest globally. It will be a really good start for the Dubai property market in 2024. 

14 Best Investment Properties in Dubai – Reshaping Commercial Sector! 

Let's get right into the most impressive and exciting section. Be ready because these options will elevate your charm and interest in investing in commercial property for sale in Dubai in 2024. As described in Khaleej Times, these fourteen off-plan properties for sale in Dubai will ultimately transform the UAE's real estate reputation.

1. One & Only  

One and Only at One Zaabeel is the best commercial property for sale in Dubai.

Beginning the New Year with a bang is One&Only One Za'abeel, as it opens what the brand portrays as its most memorable vertical metropolitan hotel. It is situated in the One Za'abeel advancement - by acclaimed Japanese draftsman Nikken Sekkei - whose double high rises are converged by the world's longest cantilever, The Connection, 100 meters above road level.

2. Mina Al Arab

Mina Al Arab is the best commercial property investment in Dubai 2024.

This eco-accommodating health resort by Anantara is a Maldivian-enlivened hideout that sits on the shores of the Bedouin Inlet while encompassed by mangroves that are home to safeguarded natural life, like turtles, flamingos and dugongs. As Ras Al Khaimah is the best area to buy property in Dubai, dealing with this option will be fruitful. 

3. The Lana 

The Lana is the best commercial property for investment.

The Lana, with engineering planned by celebrated UK practice Cultivate + Accomplices, will highlight 225 guestrooms and suites and an assortment of extravagant homes. It will also have eight restaurants, one of which will be Jara by Martin Berasategui, a Spanish chef whose Basque cuisine has received 12 Michelin stars. It is one of the best on-sale off plan properties in Dubai. 

4. Siro 

Siro One Zaabeel is going to make commercial property investment in Dubai 2024.

With an emphasis on wellness and recovery, Siro One Za'abeel is a way-of-life brand planned by Kerzner Worldwide, a similar group behind Atlantis and One&Only lodgings. This will be the debut Siro lodging, situated in One Za'abeel. The point is to offer visitors a comprehensive way to deal with prosperity and mindfulness. 

5. Santorini 

Santorini by Anantara between Dubai and Abu Dhabi is the best commercial deal.

A 22-room Anantara lodging is opening in Ghantoot, between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and styled to mirror the well-known Greek island it's named after. The emphasis will be on eliteness, customized administration and security amid the low-lying white structures that will house convenience with delicate decorations, making it one of the best commercial properties for sale in Dubai in 2024. 

6. Lux* Al Jabal

Lux Al Jabal at Khor Fakkan is the best place to live.

Sharjah Speculation and Improvement Authority (Shurooq) has collaborated with Lux* Collective - a Singaporean lodging organization behind fancy hotels in the Maldives and Mauritius - to open the Lux* Al Jabal Resort in Khor Fakkan. This commercial property for sale in Dubai will offer one of the best hotel suites. 

7. Ciel Tower

Ciel is the world’s tallest hotel in Dubai having stunning options for dine in.

The world’s tallest hotel will beat the previous records of other hotels, such as Burj Al Arab and Burj Khalifa. It will have over 1,000 rooms and suites, an infinity pool, an observatory, and a lounge on the 81st floor. Across all 82 floors will have a 300-meter atrium with landscaped terraces stacked vertically. 

8. Mama Shelter

Mama Shelter at Dubai is one of the best commercial properties in the UAE.

This mid-scale brand will start in Dubai's Business Cove in harvest time one year from now, carrying its hip environment alongside a roof bar, café, pool, b-ball and volleyball courts, and then some. Not much detail is being revealed about this particular project, but with the Dubai property market's promising reputation; it is anticipated to be one of the best commercial properties for sale in Dubai. 

9. Lux* Al Bridi Resort 

Lux Al Bridi Resort is a new addition to Dubai's commercial property sector.

In the fall of next year, Shurooq and the Lux* Collective will open the Lux* Al Bridi Resort within the Sharjah Safari development. It will be the main extravagance retreat inside the 800-hectare Al Bridi Hold. It will offer guests exceptional admittance to encounters, including chances to recognize the Big Five - rhinos, bison, elephants, lions, and panthers.

10. Five Luxe 

Five Lux is the new and exciting addition to Dubai property market in the commercial sector.

Five is known for its gatherings and peppy climate in Palm Jumeirah and JVC, and this property has a comparative ethos, as it brings nightclub club Lio Ibiza's most memorable outlet to Dubai with its opening in winter one year from now. Likewise, It will have a few other culinary and nightlife scenes throughout the property.

11. Marsa Al Arab

Marsa Al Arab is going to feature best option in the commercial sector.

While the marked homes are scheduled to open before the year's end, the remainder of the eagerly awaited, superyacht-motivated Jumeirah Marsa Al Bedouin will be opening in stages all through 2024; it has been affirmed. The date for the inn opening still can't be determined.

12. Rove 

Rove at Al Marjan Island is the pinnacle of commercial property for sale in UAE.

The 441-room lodging will be the brand's first property in Al Khaimah. Fixed as a way of life, an ocean-side hotel, Wander Al Marjan Island, is set to open before the year's over in the well-known improvement of Al Marjan Island. It will include a brilliantly shaded metropolitan plan that takes motivation from the usual environmental elements and with an emphasis on fine arts all through the inn.

13. Fairmont 

The third Fairmont Inn in Dubai is the best commercial property.

The third Fairmont Inn in Dubai will highlight 181 lodgings and suites, 121 marked homes with two, three and four rooms and a full-floor penthouse. The property in Al Sufouh will have 54 floors and a height of 226 meters. It will be next to Sheikh Zayed Road. It is going to be the best commercial property for sale in Dubai. 

14. Saij

Expanding on Ras Al Khaimah's standing as a nature travel industry location is Saij, A Mantis Assortment Mountain Hotel, an eco-resort with 70 extravagant lodges, where the group will likewise give directed journeys, careful exercises and innovative encounters. This property will be situated on Jebel Jais, the most noteworthy point in the UAE.


The upcoming fourteen best options to invest in commercial property for sale in Dubai will increase the real estate platform. If you want to make a commercial property investment in Dubai 2024, the mentioned options are the best as, all in all, they are going to bring your real estate portfolio to exceptional heights. Being under the name of magnificent developers and housing with world-class interiors signifying the charm of luxury development are the features that need to be more fairly associated with commercial property for sale in Dubai. So what are you planning for? Visit the best real estate agency in Dubai, such as "Primo Capital", to get the best deal for a commercial property for sale in Dubai.  


1. What is the new hotel being built in Dubai?

Development is on target for Ciel Pinnacle, a super undertaking that will turn into the world's tallest lodging (a case which presently has a place with Gevora Inn on Sheik Zayed Street). 

2. What's new in Dubai 2024?

A first-of-its-sort drifting mosque will open at Dubai Waterway in 2024. The mosque will include three stories and a lowered petition lobby, ready to oblige 50 to 75 admirers.

3. Can I book a hotel in Dubai with my boyfriend?

Dubai adheres to stringent laws and regulations based on Islamic principles and values. As per these regulations, it is unlawful for unmarried couples to share a lodging. Abusing this regulation can bring profound results, including fines, detainment, or removal.



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