How 1% Monthly Plan is Making Dubai Property Market Feasible?

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  • January 15 2024

Dubai Property Market | Devising Feasible Investment Options 

The outstanding reputation the Dubai property market maintains for best real estate investments is highly appreciable. Moving with the fast-paced, trend-cultured world, the Dubai capital real estate has given the best in every aspect. It has become necessary to flow with the current trends and demands, which helps keep the market stable and up-to-date. Reviewing buyer’s needs and prioritising them with astute incorporation builds a trust connection. Dubai property market has exceptionally gained massive inputs with developers giving a 1% monthly payment plan, which is the most suitable and feasible for investors. 

The Magnificent 1% Payment Plan Elevating Dubai Capital Real Estate 

The ingenious aspect of Dubai capital real estate is launching a 1% payment plan. This has exclusively transformed the whole spectrum of investments in the Dubai property market. This will be the most feasible measure for the Dubai property market. The last three years witnessed a spectacular boom, which will stabilise; to uplift the whole scenario, this stunning 1% payment plan will revitalise the entire status. Off plan properties in Dubai are the ones going to benefit from it majorly. These types of properties will get the maximum number of end-user buyers. 

1% Payment Plan Info

The 1% payment plan is the most affordable plan through which high costs to buy premium property in Dubai, UAE, can be submitted in monthly easy instalments. In this investment plan, the buyer has to pay 1% of the total cost of the property monthly. For example, if an investor buys premium property in Dubai, UAE, such as a villa or an apartment, that luxury real estate costs a staggering AED 2 million. The 1% payment plan will be devised as paying 1% of AED 2 million (AED 20,000) monthly. This way, in 100 months, equivalent to 8 or 9 years, the luxury property in Dubai will be yours.

Where Can I Invest with a 1% Payment Plan? The Developer & The Best Project  

Dubai property market is soon going to see a significant change in the number of real estate transactions after the 1% payment plan guide.

Since the 1% payment plan has transformed the real estate era amidst more than a billion dollar transactions, according to Arabian Business, the new payment plan is expected to see more. The best property investment in Dubai 2024 with a 1% payment plan is the state's magnificent developer "Danube". As per the informative article in Arabian Business, Danube launched and pioneered the 1% payment plan to transform renters into buyers. Most expats living in the UAE, especially in Dubai, are renters. The developer "Rizwan Sajan" thought to create something to give these renters their homes. 

His pristine contributions in stabilising and uplifting the Dubai property market are unparalleled with the stunning plans for workers who are doing jobs and whose salaries are a few dirhams; with Danube's evolving and transformational project deals, these people can become property owners quickly. 

1% Plan Property Choices by Danube 

The profound options make buying property in Dubai feasible and more accessible. Thanks to Danube’s esteeming contribution in devising excellent property options for ordinary men. Their dream of owning a private property in Dubai will soon be fulfilled.   

Studio apartment AED 500,000 – 600,000 (1% monthly instalment = AED 5,000 – 6,000) 

One-bedroom luxury apartment in Dubai AED 800,000 – 900,000 (1% monthly instalment = AED 8,000 – 9,000)

Two-bedroom apartment AED 1,300,000  – 1,500,000 (1% monthly instalment = AED 13,000 – 15,000)

Magnetic Features of 1% Payment Plan

Making property investment in Dubai 2024 feasible and easier 

Making renter's property owners 

Increasing investment rate by a high percentage 

Increasing end-user buyers 

Stabilising the Dubai property market significantly


The primary benefit of high property transactions and real estate deals is the 1% payment plan inaugural in the Dubai property market. The most recent and rewarding feature for real estate investors is the 1% payment plan. Buying the best investment properties in Dubai has become much easier after this plan feature. Buyers worldwide are planning to exclusively make property investments in Dubai 2024, as this plan caters to all types of investors. Dubai's property market has greatly engulfed real estate investments, with the 1% payment plan being the most feasible and reliable.    


1. Is a 1% payment plan changing the Dubai property market? 

Most real estate dealings have been glorified with the new payment plan feature in the Dubai property market. It has escalated the city's real estate portfolio to a levelling height with maximum transactions due to the 1% payment plan feature.

2. What is the future of the Dubai property market for 2024? 

The booming economy and world-class features providing investors with the best investment possibilities predict a sustainable future for the Dubai property market. You can invest to buy premium property in Dubai, UAE, which will benefit you. 

3. Are prices for property in Dubai falling? 

Developers and analysts predict that the UAE's property prices will rise further due to increased buyer demand but that the luxury market may shift in the second half of 2024.

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