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  • November 10 2023

There is Makeen Properties LLC, the best real estate established in the UAE, working for several Emirates such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ras-Al-Khaimah. UAE is synonymous with stunning options for buying and selling properties through an impressive array of real estate, which work magnificently to provide fantastic opportunities. Makeen Properties LLC is a unique and trail-blazing real estate venture that gives the best possibilities for investment in the UAE.

Makeen Properties LLC paves the best options for investors, as it is the 40-year-old business hub. It has the best delivery experience, claiming it as the reliable option. Makeen Properties LLC has excellent potential for property offerings and giving the best to valued tenants.

property for sale in UAE

Buy Best Property for Sale in UAE with Makeen Properties LLC

The UAE-based company (Makeen Properties LLC), having experience of almost four decades, serves as the best option to buy property for sale in the UAE. Makeen Properties LLC has the best and foremost dedicated team of working professionals who, with their experience, called the platform where they are serving the investors in not only providing the best option for property for sale in UAE but with stunning amenities and location.

Investing in property for sale in the UAE might be a challenging task at first, but to be honest, with esteem developments and reputable dealers and agencies, this task becomes as light as a feather. Makeen Properties LLC is the best real estate agency in UAE, providing you with maximum fantastic options to buy property for sale in UAE.

Options for Property for Sale in UAE with Makeen Properties LLC 

Makeen Properties LLC is a private real estate agency in UAE, and it is the forefront real estate asset providing the best in terms of properties. The extravagant real estate portfolio of Makeen Properties LLC will entice you to buy property for sale in UAE through several options available to you can choose from. Other real estate offers residential property for sale in UAE mainly. Makeen Properties LLC provides a stunning variety of commercial properties in the UAE.

 It is, in fact, a plus point for maintaining a long-lasting spell in the property market of the UAE. Following are the options to get the property for sale in UAE with Makeen, where not only your residing want in a luxury project will be fulfilled but also your investing criterion in commercial property for sale in UAE.

property for sale in UAE

1. Offices

It is a plus point for any real estate to hold commercial properties as an option to maintain the value of their reputation. With residential properties, the flux of investors, customers and buyers or renters is monotonous and regular, whereas negotiations with officeholders pave the way for other opportunities. Makeen Properties LLC holds many offices as an eclectic option for property for sale in the UAE.

Highly reputable business people and millionaires are looking forward to investing for extension, and Makeen will serve them valuable options for offices, which will enhance the productivity of workers with Makeen’s luxurious offices available.  

2. Retail Showrooms

The most essential tool to run the business smoothly and constructively is a retail showroom. A retail showroom bridges the gap between owner and buyer through an immersive experience because it is essential to make decisions hand in hand to ensure the viability of a product. Retail showrooms are the most significant investment cluster, and Makeen Properties LLC provides investors with premium options for their business advancements.

Getting a retail showroom as a property for sale in UAE is challenging due to numerous high-end businesses working here and the increasing demand for properties, but with Makeen, you will get your desired option.

3. Luxury Residential Properties

It is another beneficial option for real estate agencies to have this as the primary focus because it is mainly the earning point for them. Makeen Properties LLC has the best residential options as the Dubai Property Market is experiencing price hikes due to property scarcity. In contrast, Makeen Properties LLC is serving the best options to buy residential property for sale in Dubai. Luxury residential properties by Makeen will provide you with a fantastic place to reside.

You can enjoy the beauty of life with majestic interiors and grand architecture, contemporary living and finesse reflecting from every corner. You can buy investment property in Dubai with Makeen’s spectacular residential options. Numerous international investors are more likely to purchase investment property in Dubai due to the highly reputable Dubai Property Market and real estate market elevating the potential for good returns on investment.  

4. Industrial Warehouses

Makeen Properties LLC boasts a stunning variety for the industrial sector as well. It has helped reach the reputation of a real estate agency to heights. Industrial experts and business owners internationally tend to invest in property for sale in UAE due to the Gulf's stunning rental yield producing factor and the safest investment place. For business enthusiasts, Makeen cultivates ultimate options for investment in industrial projects.

Makeen Properties LLC Owner

The outstandingly developed real estate of the UAE is Makeen. A stunning experience of almost four decades of bringing vitality to the lives of many is boasted by the Ghobash Group. A group which is famous for delivering quality and versatility in a plethora of real estate options, as discussed above. The Ghobahs Group is owned by Saeed Ahmed Ghobash, the Chairman/CEO, who made the best real estate in UAE (Makeen Properties LLC), working since the early 2000s.  

The Developments of Makeen Properties LLC

With Makeen properties for sale in UAE, you will realise that real estate is more than just providing a place to live or work when you stay in one of its properties. From taking great care to ensure your content levels to catering for the value of your investment with every square metre, Makeen Properties LLC serves the best. Following are the developments by Makeen since its launch.

property for sale in UAE

1. Spectrum Building, Oud Metha, Dubai – 2000

It is a low-rise commercial building called Spectrum Building in Oud Metha, Bur Dubai. It is situated on 12B Street, with a view of Sheikh Zayed Road. It yields affordable commercial office and retail shop/showroom rentals. The homes are available in various configurations and have high-quality fittings. There's a coffee shop in the shopping area. The basement of the Spectrum Building offers free parking to tenants renting offices and showrooms. Additionally, public transportation is conveniently accessible in the vicinity.

2. 9 Villa Compound, Midriff – 2004

If you want to buy a villa in UAE, this is the best option by Makeen. It is a gated neighbourhood with fantastic configurations of nine and four-bedroom villas furnished with contemporary conveniences. It is located next to Mushrif Park on the eastern edge of the residential arena. It has benefitting amenities such as nearby schools, parks, supermarkets and clinics.

3. 18 Villa Compound, Midriff – 2008

To continue the projection of best residential options, which succeeded in the 2004 launch, Makeen developed again in 2008. Buy property for sale in UAE with Makeen’s 18 Villa Compound for a peaceful residential experience. They are located on 47th street in Midriff, providing 28000 sq. ft. of living space, two car parking, four spacious rooms, a maid's separate room and bathroom and a stunning place for gatherings and fun entertainment.  

4. Makeen Building, Airport Road Dubai – 2010

The five-story Makeen Building is a commercial development in Dubai's mixed-use Al Garhoud neighbourhood. Makeen Tower is the developer of the sophisticated office building featuring a central atrium structure and tall glass ceilings, adding beauty to the system. It is topped with a large inside lobby embellished with greens, a café, a prayer room and ample car parking space outside the building.

5. 4-Warehouse Compound, Al Khabaisi, Dubai – 2015

The most important place for any business venture is a warehouse. Makeen’s 4-warehouse compound offers a stunning area to hold your logistics and make them more manageable with ample space provided. These warehouses are temperature controlled, which suits best for such products or produce, which is set to be stored at a controlled temperature to ensure the quality lasting till the end.

6. 8-Warehouse Compound, International City – 2016

After one year, the subsequent development took place with another option for a warehouse. Makeen Properties LLC proposed a new warehouse to extend the real estate portfolio to be diverse. It helps bring the operations together with the spacious warehouse along with offices to run the business spectrum smoothly. It has two offices, conference rooms, washrooms, a pantry, a prayer room and easy access to localities.

7. Makeen Residence 1, Al Warqaa, Dubai – 2018

You can buy an apartment in Dubai with Makeen Residence. The valued apartments in Al Warqa reflect the design element gracefully. These are an excellent option for families or individuals seeking comfort and community, thanks to their opulent finishes, generously sized rooms, and well-appointed bathrooms that enhance comfort. Each building is well maintained, and a committed service team is constantly available. Al Warqaa apartments are very affordable amidst the quality amenities available.

8. Makeen Al Furjan Villas, Al Furjan, Dubai – 2020

Makeen Properties LLC has 22 gorgeous Signature villas in Al Furjan available for renting purposes directly from the owner. The Signature Villas, which typically span between 5,000 and 6,000 sq. ft. on a 7,000 sq. ft. lot, are considered the most enormous villas in the neighbourhood. The Villas provide a magnificent variety of layouts and floor plans and are situated in the centre of Al Furjan.


You can buy investment property in Dubai and secure your future with a reputable real estate agency. The chances of getting a high return on investment and quality sales make Dubai the best place for investment. With Makeen Properties LLC, you can get the best in terms of any property, whether it is residential or commercial. Makeen Properties LLC is considered the best real estate agency in the UAE. If you want to invest in Dubai or any other Emirates, Makeen Properties LLC should be considered first.


1. Is there an option for well-furnished by Makeen Properties LLC?

With the best property listings, you can opt for luxury, well-furnished apartments by Makeen. Your stay in the furnished apartment will be outstanding.

2. Is Makeen Properties LLC a private real estate?

Makeen Properties LLC is a private real estate agency that the Ghobash Group of family business owns. It is a privatised business sector for real estate.

3. Is it easy to invest in property for sale in UAE with Makeen Properties LLC?

Makeen Properties LLC provides an effective and affordable payment plan that any investor can follow. They have devised the easiest ways to buy property for sale in the UAE by accessible and affordable property options. 

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