The Las Vegas Glamour is Heading Towards the UAE!

  • Primo Capital
  • November 29 2023

Guess what's another phenomenal development heading for UAE's tourism industry? None other than US Brand with UAE's first ever….


Dubai leaves no stones unturned when it comes to entertaining luxury! Since its robust surge in commercial real estate boom, the emirate welcomes iconic US brands Las Vegas, Wynn Resorts, MGM Resorts International & Caesars Entertainment. This transformation has signalled the evolution of luxury & entertainment in a completely new era that will introduce new experiences and reshape the tourism & hospitality sector in the United Arab Emirates. 


Wynn Revolutionary Oceanfront Resort with First ever UAE’s Casino


With its first beachfront resort opening in Ras Al Khaimah, Wynn Resorts is making rounds in the United Arab Emirates. With its completion scheduled for late 2026 or early 2027, this project is unique because it is the first in the United Arab Emirates to offer casino gambling, unlike its counterparts in Las Vegas. The resort aims to reinvent luxury by fusing cutting-edge entertainment with old-world hospitality. 


Craig Billings, the CEO of Wynn, expressed his excitement for the project by saying, "I can't think of anybody better positioned to raise that bar than us, even though the bar is high." His upbeat demeanour embodies the company's goal to contribute to and take the lead in developing a distinctive tourism destination. 


MGM Resorts: A New Jewel on Dubai's Coastline 


Photo of how MGM Resort will look in future


The Vast Resort Development of MGM along Dubai's shoreline, MGM Resorts International is building its masterpiece, including MGM Grand, a hotel bearing the Bellagio name, and MGM Signature villas. The project, which is situated on Jumeirah Beach, combines luxury and innovation and is expected to improve Dubai's standing as a top resort destination worldwide. 


CEO Bill Hornbuckle, on the Development of MGM Resort, has been outspoken about the project's progress. He recently said, "In the UAE, we continue to make progress on bringing the MGM brand family to Dubai." in a statement. This project, created in collaboration with Wasl Hospitality and Leisure, demonstrates MGM's dedication to growing its presence worldwide. 


The MGM project is also distinctive because of its "Cavern," a diving club located inside a sizable pool for diving and snorkelling. It also intends to feature a water show that will bring a bit of familiar luxury to the new location, evoking memories of the Bellagio in Las Vegas. 'Adventure zones' catering to both adults and children, a theatre, a varied array of restaurants, and more than a thousand rooms are among the amenities that the resort is set to offer.

Caesars Palace Dubai: A Nongaming Luxury Experience

Photo of new development in Dubai’s tourism sector


The Special Place of Caesars Palace in Dubai The already-open Caesars Palace Dubai provides a distinct level of luxury by emphasizing nongaming activities. Situated in the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, this resort is raising the standard for hospitality. With 495 rooms, it's no less opulent than its Las Vegas counterpart but in a more intimate setting.


Facilities and Key Location The resort features multiple pools, 12 dining options, bars, and conference space. It is aptly located next to a giant observation wheel, emulating the vibe of Las Vegas. Former Caesars President and CEO Mark Frissora saw the resort becoming the area's premier hospitality and entertainment destination.


The Impact on Dubai’s Tourism Sector


Changing the Definition of Entertainment and Luxury 


When taken as a whole, these iconic & grandeur projects represent a dramatic transformation in Dubai tourism sector. Along with adding more options for opulent lodging, they are also bringing in fresh entertainment and experiences that fit right in the gap of the Dubai tourism sector. These resorts are well-equipped to accommodate various travellers, offering everything from beachside amenities to thrilling adventures and top-notch gaming establishments under one roof.


Cultural and Economic Consequences 


These upcoming luxury resorts are anticipated to strengthen the UAE's economy, increase tourism, and generate numerous labour opportunities in the Emirates. Culturally speaking, they offer a fresh perspective on international travel by fusing Vegas-style entertainment with the luxury Dubai is already renowned for.


Reaching a Wide Range of Customers 


The goal of these magnificent resorts is to draw affluent clients from all over the world, with an emphasis on the Indian market. These initiatives are expected to generate substantial business for Ras Al Khaimah's thriving wedding industry, particularly from Indian party planners looking desperately for breathtaking locations. 

A Swift Change in Dubai’s Hospitality Narrative

Photo of Dubai's Highness discussing new developments in Dubai


Dubai is on the brink of witnessing the most thrilling & entertaining phase in its tourism sector as the world's well-known players from Las Vegas have entered the UAE, demonstrating Dubai's increasing clout in the world travel industry. MGM Resorts and Wasl Asset Management Group representatives presented these projects to Dubai's Highness, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai. The world awaits the completion of these projects with great anticipation, eager to experience the unprecedented levels of luxury and entertainment exclusive to Dubai.


The End Note


This in-depth investigation of Dubai's soon-to-be-luxury resorts provides an overview of the country's luxury tourism and entertainment landscape scope, which has also excited investors! These resorts are positioned to rewrite the rules of opulent hospitality with their varied offerings and distinctive experiences, which bodes well for the future of Dubai's resort sector.

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