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  • February 5 2024

The world of real estate is about to experience, for the first time in forever, the groundbreaking collab of elite developers and German car brands with their very new Mercedes Benz Residences in Dubai. In the most well-renowned metropolis, the spectrum of high-end development is recognisable and appreciated, which is now further elevated by the development of the Mercedes Benz Places Tower. This article will lead you to exciting features of the architectural marvel by the Mercedes Benz and Binghatti’s ultimate collaboration in bringing out the splendour of the architectural realm and beautifying the luxury car brand into a stunning residential development. Mercedes Benz Places Tower will transform your life into a soothing and unforgettable living experience.  

So stay with us as we will reveal the treasure of real estate!

Real Estate Extravaganza – Mercedes Benz Places Tower

Real estate in the UAE is relatively affordable due to the exceptional developments built by reputable developers that offer advantageous options for comfortable living. However, there is no examination of the Dubai property market as it is the most famous and unbelievable one with world-record advancements; the progression in the property specialities is entirely sling at an exploring pace with late preparation of to be jump-started ones out of which Mercedes Benz Places Tower by Binghatti is the one. With the staggering Mercedes Benz Dubai project, the land domain will encounter a motion of financial backers universally.

Constructed in the posh premises of Dubai, Mercedes Benz Places are an excellent real estate ever built in Dubai property market.

Allow us to take you on a tremendous ride with the land exciting ride, as it will direct you about the venture's subtleties and worth and how putting resources into this undertaking will bring an expected future for portfolio gains.

1. Result of Excellent Collaboration Mercedes Benz Places Tower  

The best and most legitimate designer, Binghatti, is at the front of this turn of events and has consented to team up with the German extravagance vehicle creator Mercedes Benz for this task. As expressed in the news, the undertaking is assessed to be finished by 2026. As cited in Gulf Today, Binghatti said his interest in Mercedes is coordinating with them as they will be their second marked residency after Jacob and Co. Moreover, the desire for the advancement of the Mercedes Benz Places Tower is to give occupants an unrivalled living encounter. It will tempt the crowds to have them as their next speculation choice. 

2. Architecture of Mercedes Benz Dubai  

Launching developments such as Mercedes Benz Places Tower by Binghatti is one more venture planned to draw in extravagance vehicle aficionados and extreme magnificence searchers. The 65-storey Mercedes Benz Places Tower will rise to 341 meters and offer unparalleled exclusivity and comfort. Bloomberg says that it is an expensive $1 billion real estate project. Because it won't obscure the stunning views of Dubai's Burj Khalifa, this exclusive development's juxtaposition on the map is strategic.

The Mercedes Benz emblem, which has three pointed stars and is studded on the exterior, symbolises curviness and contentment with the arch-shaped top dome. This represents the brand boldly and with versatility. The glass and steel structure has the most astounding insides and the best assets. The lobby is planned to rise above the occupants to their units flawlessly. The Mercedes Benz Places Tower will captivate you with its aura, as its exterior demonstrates that it is a development by the best developer!

3. Stunning Details of Mercedes Benz Places Tower

The massive engineering and elaborate methodology in the construction world obviously characterises the heavenliness of this turn of events. Most importantly, Mercedes Benz Places by Binghatti’s unit layout is listed on 150 apartments in Dubai with two to four bedrooms and five excellent penthouses. As stated below, Mercedes Benz Places Tower by Binghatti is further divided into three elements. 

  • The primary component is the centre, which has organised balconies 
  • The second is the lamella structure, improving the general allure of the task
  • The last one is the closed southern façade which includes all plan systems with floor-to-roof wrap, enlightening the space wonderfully and adding photovoltaics for further developed energy proficiency

Amenities of Mercedes Benz Residences Dubai

Gulf News stated the most famous Mercedes Benz Places Tower amenities. 

  • Restaurants 
  • Sports & wellness zones
  • Lounges 
  • Non-automotive retail 
  • Exhibition Spaces 
  • Parking 
  • EV charging 
  • Smart mobility apps
  • Ride-hailing 
  • Bike & scooter sharing 
  • Chauffeur services 
  • Automated valet parking

Mercedes Benz Places Tower Dubai is a 2024 investment!

The advancing land of UAE has colossal open doors for financial backers internationally, and the steadily developing speciality brings shocking improvements every year. For 2024, it is a decent sign as another marked residency is going to happen, with fruition assessed in 2026, which will before long catch the mass's consideration fundamentally. With unit prices starting at more than $ 2 million, Mercedes Benz Places by Binghatti is a development for investors. So snatch your fortunes and put resources into this staggering choice for expected gains.


Dubai's capital real estate has ultimately witnessed exponential growth because of its ever-evolving options of magnificent developments for investors globally. So as the newest development, Mercedes Benz Places Tower, the one and only electrifying project by Mercedes, has just hit the boundaries of grandeur imagination with a residential project. Mercedes Benz Places Tower is soon going to change the whole spectrum of property options and developments in the Dubai property market because this extraordinary development by the best collaboration ever is something exceptional that has ever happened to real estate in UAE. Mercedes Benz Places Tower by Binghatti will soon reap success ultimately with stunning transactions predicted by the AI-generated reports, which will eventually help the stable economy of the state to further stability. 


1. Where is the Mercedes Benz Places Tower by Binghatti constructed? 

The most prominent location, Downtown Dubai, is the home to famous developments, and one more is added to the list, the Mercedes Benz Places Tower. 

2. Is Mercedes Benz Places Tower the first-ever real estate project by the car brand?

The luxury car brand is famous for its sleek and stunning cars, which have just collaborated with a reputable developer in UAE, Binghatti, to enter real estate successfully. Mercedes Benz Places Tower will be their first-ever property development in the UAE. 

3. What is the starting price for Mercedes Benz Places Tower units? 

The luxurious car-branded residences come with two- to four-bedroom apartments and penthouses starting from $ 2.7 million.




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