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  • June 28 2023


Dubai, the colossal influx of people, always entertains real estate investors by providing top-notch properties in Dubai. This mesmerizing blend of luxury and innovation beckons real estate enthusiasts with its iconic skyline and boundless investment opportunities. From luxurious residential towers to commercial districts and waterfront properties in Dubai, real estate investment in this origin can always go right! HNWI (High Net worth Individuals) has already placed Dubai’s real estate market on a trajectory to achieve $18 Billion (Dh 300 Billion) in sales this year.

If you are looking to embrace the real estate journey with steady rental returns and great appreciation, then this is high time to make a property investment in Dubai. But to avoid any uncertainties present in Dubai's real estate market, read our complete blog and get acknowledged with property types for investment in Dubai, tips to make investments, risks, and advantages of investing in property of Dubai.


Legal Frame Work for Property Investment in Dubai

The Dubai Land Department is authorized to record rights to real estate in Dubai, including freehold titles, usufructs, musatahas, and long-term leases. However, the Dubai International Financial Center stands out as an outlier because it has its own property rules and a separate property record for the real estate inside the DIFC.

The right to own freehold title to real estate and to acquire all types of real estate interests, such as usufruct, musataha, and long-term leases up to 99 years located in any area of Dubai, is granted by Article 4 of Law Number 7 of 2006 concerning Real Property Registration in the Emirate of Dubai ("Property Ownership Law").

Non-UAE/GCC nationals can only own the freehold, leasehold (up to 99 years), or usufruct in the defined regions of Dubai, according to the modified rule number 3 of 2006. This also applies to foreign businesses and companies, subject to the Dubai Land Department's policy on the title of real estate, which took effect on January 1, 2011.

Dubai's designated areas include Palm Jumeirah, Jumeirah Village, Jumeirah Island, International City, Business Bay, Jumeirah Lake Tower, Falcon City, Downtown Dubai, Old Town, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Motor City, The World’s Island, Arabian Ranches Midriff, Dubai Investment Park, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Discovery Gardens.

Additionally, according to Law Number 7 of 2006, a foreigner may purchase a lease outside these restricted zones. Additionally, foreign ownership is permitted in free zones, such as the DIFC. According to Dubai Land Policy, real estate property investment in Dubai under designated areas is issued to companies registered onshore in Dubai or offshore in other free zones of Dubai. Any changes regarding the company's shareholding are advisable to notify DLD. Otherwise fine will be imposed, and the company will be prohibited from selling any property in the Future.

Types of Property Investments in Dubai:

With multiple property investments in Dubai, this region's real estate always sought to provide significant investment options to its buyers. You can choose your way of investing here! With off-plan investments, you can be a part of Dubai's architectural dreams, shaping the skyline of tomorrow. Commercial spaces beckon the entrepreneurial spirit, while residential plots offer a canvas for your imagination to soar. For every budget, diversified real estate in Dubai has something to offer. Following are the property types of Dubai that always remain hostellers in the market. 

1- Apartments

2- Villas

3- Mansions

4- Pent House 

Apartments – High-in-Demand Property Investment Approach in Dubai:

Apartment living in Dubai is the most common approach of residents, which indirectly surges the demand for investing in these apartments. Dubai offers various kinds of apartments for sale, such as Studio, two-bed, three-bed, and serviced apartments. These property investments yield 10% on long-term rentals and 30% on short-term rentals. The minimum ROI recorded in apartment investment in Dubai is 5%-8%.

Villas – Luxury Property Investment Approach in Dubai:

Unlike apartments in Dubai, where pretty much is already constructed, investment in villas of Dubai gives you a sense of customization in terms of creating a terrace, garage, gated community, garden, or even kid’s play area of your own. Most families living in villas in Dubai tend to be more settled and less likely to relocate. 

High-net-worth individuals are often attracted to villas as property investments in Dubai as this approach is more prestigious, customized, and private than other investment opportunities in Dubai. The average ROI on villa investments in Dubai is 4.98% on three or 4-bedroom villas. The most affordable areas to buy villas in Dubai are Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubailand, and the springs. 

Mansions – Prestige Property Investment Approach in Dubai:

Mansions in Dubai are gigantic and mostly incorporate tennis courts, basketball areas, or swimming pools in its premises. Mansions are usually high-end homes where multiple families live together. Their size is based on 5000 sq. ft with more than one floor. Multiple wings in this property investment of Dubai entertain various facilities to the families compared to other properties in Dubai. 

Penthouse – Intriguing Opulence in Property Investment of Dubai:

Living in a penthouse is second to none! Enchanting views, exclusive amenities, and the epitome of luxury all blended in this skyline living of Dubai. Away from car honking, city festivals, and rallies, this property investment in Dubai is an absolute eye candy!

In May 2023, Dr. Taieser Al Saati – one of the top brokers in luxury real estate, announced the sale of “Ultra-Luxury Penthouse in Marsa Al Arbab” for a record Dh420 million, surpassing the previous record sale of Dh410-million penthouse in Bvlgari Lighthouse, Jumeirah Bay Island, in February 2023. These facts stage pent houses investment in Dubai as the top favorite private for high-net-worth investors worldwide. 

Best Areas for Property Investment in Dubai

Bundle of high-demand areas for property investments are listed below. These areas are categories in terms of budget and affordability so that every investor can make most out of it!

Affordable Property Areas in Dubai for Investment:

Dubai is not only equipped with luxury in every corner, but it also offers various affordable property investments for its discerning buyers. International City, Discovery Gardens & Liwan are the areas where you can buy affordable properties in Dubai for investment purposes. New or low-budget investors can easily purchase or invest in properties in these areas. The prices of apartments available for investment in these areas start from AED 289,000. ROI in these areas is an average of 6.4%

Mid-Price Range Property Areas in Dubai For investment:

If your budget is enough for a suitable investment in Dubai, consider the following areas to buy property. Al-Furjan, Downtown Dubai, Mudon, and Dubai South are a few names to quote that offer a price range of properties for investment in Dubai. The average starting price of properties in this premises is AED 1.1M. The average ROI achieved in these areas is 7.2%.

Luxury Property Areas for Investment In Dubai:

Luxury property investment in Dubai has remained strong since 2021, making it the ultimate destination for luxury buyers worldwide. The definition of luxury benchmarked by Dubai is second to none. Chinese and British investors have emerged as top luxury real estate buyers in Dubai. Business Bay, Palm Jumeirah, Marina Bay, and Emirates Hills remained high in demand.

3 WINNER Strategies for Property Investment in Dubai:

Investment Strategies in Dubai Real Estate: Buy and Hold, Short-Term Rentals, and Fix and Flip

To navigate real estate investment opportunities in Dubai smoothly & effectively, understand these three prominent approaches: buy and hold (long-term rental), short-term rentals, and fix and flip. Each strategy has distinct advantages and considerations, enabling investors to align their approach with their goals and risk tolerance.

1. Buy and Hold - Long-Term Rental: 

Buy and hold investment approach is the most followed strategy in the real estate market. It’s the approach where the investor buys a stable property and holds it till its price appreciates—meanwhile, the investor stage the property on rent, which immediately starts popping out the investment returns. With proper management, a well-selected property can yield steady cash flow, covering mortgage payments, maintenance costs, and even generating profits.

2. Short-Term Rentals: 

Dubai's thriving tourism sector and demand for flexible living solutions have driven rapid growth in the short-term rental market. This strategy parallels buy and hold. However, tenants typically stay for shorter periods, ranging from a few days or weeks to monthly stays, rather than long-term leases such as hotel rooms, Airbnb, or studio apartments for business trips. Short-term rentals are favored by investors seeking higher returns compared to long-term rentals. Investors can achieve higher rental income by charging premium rates for shorter stays, particularly in popular tourist or business-oriented areas. Short-term rentals also provide flexibility for personal or family use of the property. However, market fluctuations and seasonal demand pose risks, and location is crucial in attracting tenants.

3. Fix and Flip:

The fix and flip strategy involves purchasing, renovating, and reselling a property for a profit. This approach requires careful planning and consideration of potential risks. Successful fix and flip projects can yield substantial profits within a relatively short timeframe. Investors identify undervalued properties, strategically renovate them, and capitalize on increased market value during resale. To succeed, comprehensive market research, assessment of comparable sales, and strong relationships with contractors are vital. Financing options suitable for short-term investments, realistic timelines, and renovation budgets are crucial for profitability. Experience, design insight, or access to reliable contractors is advantageous for executing this strategy effectively.


In conclusion, Dubai's real estate market continues to captivate investors with its blend of luxury, innovation, and boundless opportunities. With high-net-worth individuals already propelling sales to reach new heights, there has never been a better time to begin a property investment journey in Dubai. With secured and sorted legal frameworks, diversified investment opportunities, multiple budgets, and winning investment strategies in Dubai, anyone can proffer execute route towards profitable property investment in Dubai. 


Q1- Is property in Dubai a good investment?

Surely, the property investment in Dubai is excellent choice to generate wealth and lucrative investment opportunities. The tax free environment of Dubai is the biggest perk that attracts world wide investors in UAE’s properties.

Q2 – What is the minimum investment required in real estate of Dubai?

The minimum investment required for real estate Dubai is AED 300,000 – AED 400,000. The payment can vary from the categories you opt for real estate investment but with minimum handsome amount you can thrive in property investment of Dubai.

Q3- Can foreigners make property investment in Dubai?

A BIG YES! The government of Dubai greatly encourages foreign investors to come and invest in Dubai. This opportunity is more enhanced with the perk of allotting golden visa to property investors in Dubai.

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