Octa Properties

Octa Properties

OCTA Develop, the top development management company in the real estate sector of Dubai, provides cutting-edge leading solutions with an emphasis on "exclusive branded residence" for buyers and investors to reduce risk, boost productivity, and optimize profitability. OCTA was established with over 20 years of experience among Dubai's top developers, supported by Fawaz Sous (Chief Executive Officer), with a team with a wealth of knowledge and a tremendous network in the real estate industry. As dedicated sellers of OCTA's properties, Primo Capital welcomes you to explore a world of distinctive living and investment opportunities.

Mission of Octa Develop:

The strategy behind Octa Develop is to go above and beyond expectations by working together with developers to reduce risk and increase profitability across the whole property development lifecycle. The developer gives proactive advice, spotting and solving problems as they arise. Market trends are taken advantage of to increase income possibilities. Beyond the norm, Octa Develop is dedicated to establishing new standards for the industry and fostering sustainable growth. With Octa Develop, you can have a steadfast ally invested in their success and producing outcomes that go above and beyond the norm.

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Octa Properties

  • For Sale
AED 6,500,000.00

davinci tower

  • 2 Bedrooms
  • 1784 square ft