Starting from AED 940,272.00

by Reportage Properties

Property for sale in Plaza

Unit Type Area from (sq/ft) Starting price (AED)
1 Bedroom Apartment 667 940,272
2 Bedroom Apartment 1191 1,281,243
4 Bedroom Townhouse 2285 2,965,268


Starting price AED 940,272.00
Area from 667 Sqft.
Bedrooms 1 Bedroom Apartment AND 4 Bedroom Townhouse
Developer Reportage Properties
Est. Completion 2025
Price Per Sqft from AED 1409.70
Type apartments
Location Masdar City
Developer Projects 3
Views 367

Property Features

Masdar City is your oasis away from the concrete jungle Located 17 kilometres south -east of the city of Abu Dhabi. The city is dedicated to the use of solar energy and other renewable energy sourc - es and is designed to be a hub for cleantech companies.

With a cooler climate than the sur - rounding desert, the city is designed to encour - age walking and outdoor activities. You don’t have to look too far for luxurious residences, retail and dining choices and world -class health care too. Here, residential and office spaces overlook greenery, and you can enjoy hospitality unlike any other. Strategically located within Abu Dhabi’s rapidly growing area. Masdar City is at the crossroads of the emerging markets of the Middle East and Asia. It is a prime destination for international business, where proximity to Abu Dhabi inter - national airport is key.

Whilst here, one can con - veniently access Abu Dhabi and beyond.


In one of the most sustainable urban com - munities, Plaza stands out as a masterpiece in modern architecture and incomparable lifestyle. Following Abu Dhabi’s futuristic approach, this 3 Pearls-rated residential complex is a blend of contemporariness and opulence within a per fectly planned functional design, where nature meets technology creating an eco -friendly community and a lifestyle of innovation. Spanning over an area of 110,029 sq. ft., Plaza incorporates a wide range of residential apart - ments and townhouses with full facilities in a strategic location connecting the main roads, surrounded by parks, schools, mosques, banks, and community retails, all of which are with - in walking distance.

Being a high -end residen - tial complex with Energy Efficient buildings is a daunting equation easily resolved by Plaza in the beautiful city of Masdar.


Harmoniously blending yet distinguished, Plaza is skilfully designed to echo the theme and spirit of Masdar. This high -end residential complex with Energy Efficient buildings brilliantly achieves sustainability with its dedicated solar panels and renewable energy sources.

In a pure man - ifestation of masterful architecture, Plaza vividly reflects the modern Arabian theme of the city, with flawlessly designed facades decorated with a soft touch of Arabesque pattern.

The square -shaped complex harmoniously embraces the serene views of landscape and the tur - quoise swimming pools, offering a home with equal share of sunlight and a living experience to look up to.





Installment Milestone Payment (%)
Down Payment On Booking 10%


  • pool
  • swimming pool
  • bathroom
  • Outdoor Gymnasium
  • Outdoor Courtyard
  • Complete Family Entertainment
  • Children's Playroom / Play Area
  • Covered Parking
  • 24/7 Security
  • Garden
  • Pets Allowed
  • Gym
  • Schools
  • Restaurant
  • Parks
  • Sky View

Brochure and Floor Plans for Plaza

Price Range for Plaza

1 Bedroom Apartment APARTMENT FOR SALE INPlaza BY Reportage Properties PROPERTIES AT Masdar City, DUBAI

Size from to (Sqft.) Price from to (AED)
667 Sqft. 940,272

2 Bedroom Apartment APARTMENT FOR SALE INPlaza BY Reportage Properties PROPERTIES AT Masdar City, DUBAI

Size from to (Sqft.) Price from to (AED)
1191 Sqft. 1,281,243

4 Bedroom Townhouse APARTMENT FOR SALE INPlaza BY Reportage Properties PROPERTIES AT Masdar City, DUBAI

Size from to (Sqft.) Price from to (AED)
2285 Sqft. 2,965,268

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Masdar City

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