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  • August 7 2023

Whenever you are going to have a thought of architecture that is beyond your imagination, developments that are larger than life, and meticulously impressive designs – only a few country's names will strike your mind. Prominently standing among these nations as a beacon of architectural innovation and unparalleled luxury is the United Arab Emirates! And when we specifically talk about the city of Sharjah, this city has emerged as a significance of some prime residential and commercial landscapes.

Behind all this transformation from vast deserted areas to the brilliance of architecture are some biggest Sharjah developers. They have boomed the real estate sector of Sharjah and the whole UAE in unexpected ways! It is impossible to mention all the names here, but we have dedicated this article to Arada Developers – one of the biggest Sharjah developers. With their unwavering dedication and unmatchable architectural marvels, they have transformed Sharjah into a living paradise for everyone. Whether you are an expat or some local of UAE, new communities of Sharjah will always have something exclusive to offer. Let’s check out some more details about this most prominent Sharjah developer.

Everything you should know about the biggest Sharjah Developer

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From the owner's details to the following biggest communities of Sharjah, get your hands on the most updated information where you can unlock lucrative investment and prime living opportunities shortly.

The Arada Owners:

To know a developer's worth, it is essential to check that developer's background, achievements, and newest developments so that you can take advantage of it! As Arada has cemented its position next to the biggest Sharjah developers.

The Arada owners are HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Ahmed Al Qasimi (Chairman) and HRH Prince Khaled Bin Al Wdeed Bin Talal (vice chairman of Arada). These two most famous businessmen of UAE, Formed ARADA in 2017 and, to date, have emerged as one of the biggest Sharjah Developers in UAE. Ahmed Alkhoshaibi (CEO of ARADA) has always envisioned ARADA as a development company that constantly works to delight its consumers. As a people-centric company, ARADA is determined to add value to every developmental opportunity they provide.

"We have a great chairman and vice chairman who have a clear vision backed by a roadmap and give us full support. There's no bureaucracy in making decisions, and it's spontaneous. That's an advantage we have as Arada; we’re very agile.” (Ahmed Alkhoshaibi (CEO of ARADA)

New Communities in Sharjah:

New communities in Sharjah by Arada developers are always hot sellers. From the moment they are officially launched, these new communities take no longer in getting sold out completely. The Arada developer has sold over 1616 new communities in just the first half of 2023. If we highlight some of the existing nearly sold-out communities by Arada developers, Masaar is – the residential project that got snipped out by the investors in no time. The developers embarked on selling 813 homes worth Dh 3.4bn in 2023, jumping to a 200% increase up to last year.

There are still a few clusters left of getting sold out, do check them at your earliest.

Success Journey of Arada Developers:

It's challenging to be called the biggest Sharjah developers in UAE. Arada developers have significantly cemented their position in the real estate sector of Dubai by delivering marvelous communities in Sharjah back to back. The properties by Arada are witnessing excellent demand from the global market. Investors in real estate also came to Aljada, Sharjah's largest mixed-use neighborhood, where 634 properties worth Dhs638 million were sold in H1 2022.

Not only this, but the Arada owners also partnered up with Armani Group and Japanese architecture Tadao Ando to deliver Armani Breach Residence in Palm Jumeirah before the end of 2023.

Rove Home Aljada, the hotel brand's first foray into the residential market, was introduced by Arada with the $500 million debut Sukuk last month. This will be the first new community in Sharjah by Rove's home, and Arada Developers where serviced 2 & 3 bedrooms apartments are available for sale.

The brand portfolio of the developer is being expanded, and recent developments include the introduction of the Artal women's traditional clothes fashion platform and the developer's first master franchise deals with the Australian company Boost Juice.

Established in 2017, the Arada developers have swiftly raised Dubai's real estate as the symbol of unmatchable brilliance and innovation. In such a short span, the Arada owners have delivered 13,000 homes and 7400 residences worth Dhs 13.4 billion. To consistently provide excellence to investors, the company's development of 4000 homes is taking shape under its expertise by crafting vibrant new communities in Sharjah. 

Villa Projects by Arada Developers:

The owners of Arada have determined their company to provide the best living solutions. From affordable apartments in Dubai to luxurious Sharjah villa projects – they never fail to amaze their buyers. With its previous Sharjah Villa project almost sold out to upcoming new communities in Sharjah – the developers are always consistent in delivering something flexible, affordable, and exclusive.

In terms of spaciousness, design, and architecture of Sharjah Villa projects, you can commonly find 2,3, 4 & 5 bedrooms villa projects with innovative hoes features installed. Recently Arada developers have launched the final phase of $2.6bn in the Sharjah villa project, where 597 homes in the woodland community are available to buy soon.

In Sharjah villa projects, you can find convenience at your doorstep and serenity in every aspect. Infused in nature, cradled up with luxury, every unit is made specifically to cater needs and requirements of the buyer. Additional privacy, vast swimming pools, spacious terraces, multiple loungers, and what you can find in villas by Arada. Not only beneficial for residing in, but you can also invest in these Sharjah villa projects by charging a handsome rental income. With great extension in ROI, you can make your investment worth spending with Arada developers.

After getting hyped with a tremendous success ratio and exceptional residential projects delivered by Arada, you must be wondering about their latest developments. Don't worry. We got you covered here too!

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