Emaar announces free home repairs after the UAE flood!

  • Primo Capital
  • April 19 2024

The Dubai city, known for its iconic & sustainable living, has become a question mark after the UAE Flood! After the highest recorded rainfall in Dubai in over 75 years, the city has been thrown for a loop! People are struggling to get back to their everyday lives. With water flooding the streets, cars pouring down & buildings being damaged, this is usually new for high-end buyers invested in Dubai rather than anywhere else. However, to save the reputation of the Dubai property market, the developers have come ahead and announced free home repairs to properties that have suffered the brunt of record-breaking downpours in Dubai. 

Free home repairs for the affected properties after the UAE Flood

 UAE Flood Causing Severe Damage to Dubai Properties


Under the emergency held up in Dubai, where people started temporarily relocating to guest houses and hotels, Emaar developers emerged as a true saviour! After Tuesday's rainfall, the chairperson of Emaar, Mohamed Alabber, announced the free repair of properties that come under Dubai communities to allow the residents to switch back to their everyday lives as soon as possible. 

The company, which holds more than 30% of the real estate properties in Dubai, takes this step with all the new and old homes made under their name. The officials of Emaar wanted to bring complete support in their struggling times, as people were devastated by the recent outcomes of the flood. The company, which Emiratis control, added that committed teams are working with local authorities to evaluate and rebuild communities and properties that have been harmed. Water logging must be cleared as part of this. 

Residents with damaged property can contact the call center to register a claim

DAMAC also came into action after hitting by UAE Flood

A well-known real estate developer, DAMAC, quickly mobilized efforts to guarantee the safety and well-being of its residents in the wake of Dubai's extraordinary rains. Working collaboratively with public and private organizations, DAMAC put forth great effort to deal with the storm's aftermath, providing ease to residents in the first hour!

They kept lines of communication open with the locals, cleared the roads of collected water and debris, and sent out tankers to gather floods. Their gardening crew also put effort into repairing the damaged areas. Local government assistance enabled towns to promptly return to regular operations, causing the most minor inconvenience to their citizens. DAMAC's ground crew will treat water features with fogging and regularly remove pests to avoid any possible infestations. Crucially, DAMAC prioritized the safety of their employees at all times, guaranteeing that future and ongoing projects were unaffected by the flooding. Their prompt and thorough response demonstrates their dedication to protecting their communities in trying circumstances.

More financial ease & discounts for Dubai residents from the Al Habtoor Group

After the alarming situation, the Al Habtoor group also came forward to donate more than $ 4 million AED to UAE nationals so that repairing their homes can become easily possible. Moreover, the group that owns hotels and temporary rental units in Dubai has announced free hotel stays while the authorities battle with this situation. However, with this initiative, other hotel owners have given ease in stay rents for Emirati families. 

 People Struggling after UAE Flood.

As part of the 'Dubai Weddings' initiative, Al Habtoor Group and the Dubai Community Development Authority (DCDA) are collaborating to arrange weddings for Al Lisaili residents at the Habtoor Grand Hotel in Jumeirah. Khalaf Al Habtoor sincerely supported the impacted families, emphasizing the need to protect their security and stability while expeditiously regaining their lives. He reiterated the fundamental principles of the UAE and stressed the need for cooperation and unity in the face of natural disasters. He said, "By working together, we hope to avoid delays caused by the recent bad weather for scheduled ceremonies.”

Al Habtoor's prior efforts, such as housing flood-affected families, highlight the organization's continuous dedication to helping the needy community. As evidenced by the nation's culture of fraternity and unity, Al Habtoor Group is committed to assisting UAE families overcome obstacles, having hosted over 600 guests in 300 hotel rooms during past events. 

Impact & Government’s intake on UAE flood conditions

After the severe rainfall in Dubai & Sharjah, things must settle down ASAP! This record-breaking downpour has profoundly impacted residents, infrastructures & communities. People were seen struggling to save their lives & long-lasting investments in this propelled city. Despite the government's proactive preparations, the magnitude of the UAE Flood caused significant disruptions, including transit halts, property damage, and the tragic loss of life. However, despite the difficulties, the public and commercial sectors demonstrated remarkable support and camaraderie. 

Real estate developers, such as Emaar, DAMAC & Al Habtoor Group, moved quickly to assist the impacted citizens, providing free house repairs and ensuring security precautions were taken. Sheikh Mohamed bin Bayed also ordered a review of the city's overall review of infrastructure &developments after the rainfall. He also directed authorities to relocate the affected families to safer locations! However, these collaborated efforts highlight the UAE community's fortitude and solidarity in the face of hardship, demonstrating the country's dedication to aiding its residents and conquering obstacles. 



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