Experts easing nervousness in off -plan market of Dubai through visionary initiatives of DLD

  • Primo Capital
  • April 1 2024

The Dubai property market emerges as the most sustained & lucrative option, drawing global investors and buyers through its captivating real estate opportunities. Following the global financial crisis of 2008, the real estate market of Dubai has experienced a notable shift, supported by strict regulations implemented by the Dubai Land Department (DLD) and Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). These actions, which include putting the escrow law into effect, have greatly improved market transparency and investor confidence throughout the transaction process.

 DLD announcing new strategies

According to Dubai property market experts, the investors biting their nails while investing in off-plan projects in UAE should take a sigh of comfort from Dubai's government's forward-thinking policies and long-term plans. The transaction of funds for off-plan projects in an escrow account has become mandatory, and they will be held there quite safely! However, the sustainability achieved in non-oil sectors such as tourism, technology and finance has made Dubai's real estate investment opportunities more promising!

Already aligned with the 2040 Urban Master Plan, massive futuristic developments have been taking place in the city in the residential & commercial real estate category. Through such visionary plans & strategies, the investors are introduced to pillars of hope who were previously disheartened by market volatility, making them re-enter the Dubai property market with chances of long-term & highly appreciative property investment. 

Due to its advantageous geographic position as a bridge between East and West, Dubai can draw in foreign investors and expatriates. The city's investment in top-notch infrastructure, including public transit, restaurants, airports, and recreational centres, increases its allure as a major international centre for business and residence for locals and international celebrities. Dubai also enjoys an advantage over other major markets like London, the US, and Europe since it does not impose capital gains tax or income tax on rental yields for individual owners. However, attaining long-term residential visas through property investment in Dubai has also contributed to the boost of foreign transactions in this global city.


The United Arab Emirates's standing as a nation with influence and growth potential is reinforced by the latest Global Soft Power Index published by Brand Finance, which ranks the country 10th overall. These validations made real estate experts provide insightful guidance for first-time, anxious investors contemplating the off-plan market in Dubai. Hover, everything seems too good to have; the potential investors should understand how crucial it is to collaborate with the best real estate agencies in Dubai that have a proven track record and a thorough awareness of the peculiarities of the local market. Openness and unbiased guidance are essential, especially when negotiating a market that can be intimidating to novices.

The government has enforced stringent regulations since September 2008 to guarantee stability and protect real estate investors. Even though prices have increased significantly since 2021, this is likely due to a market correction and rebound following COVID-19. With an anticipated 8–10% growth in 2024, the market shows a slower growth rate, suggesting maturity.

Dubai's standing as a top destination for foreign investors and expats is further cemented by its reputation as a safe and secure city with a good standard of life and a multicultural atmosphere. Fueled by safety and cultural diversity, the city's dynamic real estate market continues to draw in many investors and residents. Forecasters expect that, in the foreseeable future, developers of off-plan housing in Dubai will compete to fulfil demand due to the city's exponential population growth.


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