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  • May 30 2024

For the local as well as for the international property buyers one thing that matters the most, is the reputation of the developer. If the developer fails to satisfy the buyers in their extensive portfolio it means the launched projects lack vision and are not buyer-centric. Considering this significance of developers in the context of buyer satisfaction there are very few real estate agencies in Dubai that have joined hands with only top-notch or leading developers in Dubai. Primo Capital real estate agency is one of those few property agencies having only reputable and expert developers on board.

What Makes Developers in Dubai Leading and Successful?

There are numerous traits, which make the developers in Dubai successful and expert. However, the following are some of the characteristics that are a must to be in the developer making them competitive in Dubai.

  • Knowing the Market is the basic aspect which is crucial for every leading developer to possess. This is intriguing to know how much market analysis could shape the real-estate developer's reputation.
  • Understanding the legalities and information of the Dubai Land Department (DLD) for development is what makes property developers competitive.
  • The skill of evaluating the real estate market is what makes the developers in Dubai top-notch through which developers can exploit opportunities.

Top 4 Leading Developers in Dubai on Board with Primo Capital

Here is the list of the top 4 property experts that are on board with Primo Capital delivering buyers the best property deals:

  1. Emaar
  2. Damac
  3. Meraas
  4. Dubai Holdings

Let’s learn more about these connoisseurs and their stunning portfolio making them successful and five of the leading developers in Dubai.

Emaar – Known for Their Impressive ROI


The real estate agency of Primo Capital has joined hands with Emaar Properties for a couple of reasons. The first reason to partner with Emaar Properties is that they constantly deliver the best and most impressive ROI.

Real estate agents, experts and advisors of Primo Capital extensively trust Emaar properties with their projects as they offer premium living options. Not only is this, but the financial performance of them is also exceptionally stable.  As of March 2024, the market capitalization of the company soars to a staggering AED 71 billion, which indicates positive growth successfully.

Following are some of the exclusive properties offered by Emaar Properties in Dubai:

  • Urbana 3 for AED 9.3M
  • Creek Palace Dubai Creek Harbour for AED 1.4M

Damac – Real Estate Professionals!


Established decades ago in 2002 by Hussain Sajwani a billionaire businessman Damac is well-known for being the prestigious developer. The reason for Primo Capital's trust in Damac properties and partnering with them includes professionalism, adherence to global best practices and transparency.

The exceptional track record of the Damac properties is what makes them the best candidate to partner with in the real estate segment. As reported by a trustable source Damac successfully delivered 46,000 homes globally. Damac is one of the leading developers in Dubai as they also earned ISO certification for safety, quality and CSR efforts.

Following are some of the exclusive properties offered by Damac Properties in Dubai:

  • Aykon city for AED 6.8M.
  • Beverly Hills Boutique Villas for AED 4.2M

Meraas – Exceptional Focus on Resident's Preferences


One of the trustable names in the real-estate world of Dubai is none other than Meraas. Meraas real estate developers set them apart as a master developer offering well-designed and innovative properties in urban, suburban, and waterfront locations.

The sophistication and thirst for delivering the best is what defines the Meraas developers due to which Primo Capital partnered with them. In 2023 Meraas reported a net profit of AED 5.8 billion reflecting their outstanding performance with a 37% increase from the previous year.

Following are some of the exclusive properties offered by Meraas Properties in Dubai:

  • The acres by Meraas for AED 5.9M
  • Central Park at city walk AED 1.5M.

Dubai Holdings – Experts in Property Market


The real estate developers of Dubai Holdings contribute directly to the United Arab Emirates' vision of expanding the real estate segment. Another reason that makes Dubai Holdings a property expert and the best to partner with is its extensive experience.

Dubai Holdings is on board with Primo Capital as they have earned their unrivalled position in the market with 26M square meters of master-planned land area. They are also termed as the investment arm of the Dubai government which successfully generated a net profit of AED 1.79 billion as of 2023.

Following are some of the exclusive properties offered by Dubai Holdings in Dubai:

  • Jadeel at Madinat Jumeirah Living (MJL) for AED 1.39M.
  • La Violeta 2 from 1,750,000 AED

Key Takeaways

Joining hands with the best property developers in Dubai is exceptionally essential. The action of partnering with reputable real-estate developers is what creates the trust of buyers. Primo Capital is the real estate agency in Dubai that focuses on and gives the most importance to buyer satisfaction. Due to this, they have combined their expertise with the leading developers in Dubai including Emaar, Damac, Meraas and Dubai Holdings, offering you the best property.

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