Minimum Income to a Buy Property in Dubai

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  • December 11 2023

Property in Dubai | A Solution for Best Investment 

An investment for property in Dubai is considered a strategic and profitable decision. Buying property in Dubai provides a wide range of possibilities appropriate for investors of all income levels. Dubai Property Market is well-known for its stability, lucrative returns, and stunning options for property investment in Dubai 2024 are revitalising for investors. This makes it the perfect choice for individuals looking for the most significant investment options. Dubai is unique in that it is dedicated to offering opportunities to all people; even those with low incomes can easily buy property in Dubai.

Property investment in Dubai 2024 measures significant resources for investors.

The city ensures accessibility for a broader range of people by providing cheap property in Dubai options, including studio apartments in Dubai and smaller units. Regardless of income level, the Dubai Property Market continues to be a good option for investors wishing to safeguard their financial future. Its booming economy, cutting-edge infrastructure, and advantageous location allow investors to invest quickly to buy premium property in Dubai, UAE. This blog will guide you on how low-income earners can buy property in Dubai.

Calculations for Minimum Salary Earner to Buy Property in Dubai

Before making any property investment in Dubai 2024, consider that first-time foreign purchasers' LTVs are currently capped at 80%. The calculations advise that you have saved up the 20% down payment to buy premium property in Dubai, UAE. The typical down payment percentage is 5 to 10% for Emiratis; to avail of this, you must be an Emirati. However, other costs associated with buying property in Dubai are mentioned below.

  • Dubai Land Department: 4% is the new fee, which was doubled recently, as mentioned in Emirates 24/7
  • As long as the DLD approves, the developer may impose an administrative fee per Law No. 13 of 2008. Although DLD permits a maximum admin fee of AED 5,000, this does not imply that the developer may bill AED 5,000 for each administrative task. Consequently, investors may request DLD approval for the authorized admin fee amount as stated in Emirates 24/7
  • Title deed fee: AED 250
  • Mortgage fee: 0.25% submission from the total mortgage value
  • Mortgage registration admin fee: AED 290
  • Agency fee: 2% estimated from the sale price along with 5% VAT

A minimum wage earner must earn under AED 20,000 to complete the process of buying property in Dubai. Due to many other fees and criteria, the minimum wage earner should start saving and increasing how to earn more. 

Make property investment in Dubai 2024 and earn great rentals and high profits on selling.

Minimum Salary Estimation to Invest in Property in Dubai

Dubai has inexpensive and plentiful options to buy premium property in Dubai UAE. The minimum wage required to purchase ready-to-move-in property in Dubai will vary based on the type and location of the property you want. The breakdown of the minimal salary and annual percentage rate required for villas and luxury flats in well-known neighbourhoods in Dubai is as follows. This entices the low earners to buy property in Dubai happily.

It's important to understand that the ADCB Dream Home platform and most banks in the UAE demand at least AED 15,000 earners to buy property in Dubai. AED 15,000 is the minimum salary that will allow the banks of UAE to grant them loans for buying property in Dubai.

Dubai caters minimum wage earners to buy comfortable apartments in Dubai.

Buy Comfortable Apartments in Dubai Under Minimum Salary

UAE offers a vast array of reasonably priced flats in Dubai, making it an excellent choice for smaller investors. Let's examine the minimal salary that must be earned to purchase comfortable apartments in Dubai. Remember that the monthly mortgage payment is limited to less than 25% of your wage, with an average interest rate of 3.5% to buy property in Dubai.

  • Buying a comfortable one-bedroom apartment in Dubai in Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC) is a comfortable option for anyone making at least AED 15,000 per month. In JVC, the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment for sale in Dubai is AED 863k
  • Another posh neighbourhood with profitable investment properties in the same pay range is Business Bay. In Business Bay, a one-bedroom apartment can be purchased for an average of AED 1.6 million
  • Alternatively, a one-bedroom apartment in Downtown Dubai can be purchased for an average of AED 2 million by individuals with a minimum monthly salary of AED 32,500

However, it is necessary to clear your dreams and thoughts before making any property investment in Dubai 2024 to buy premium property in Dubai UAE. The prices are perfect for the wealthy but not for the middle class, whereas your dreams will be shattered if you don't prepare yourself in advance. The visions you have for your new premium property in Dubai can be commenced with a handsome salary. But those earning AED 15k will get smaller properties for sale in Dubai. Also, dealing with the best real estate companies in Dubai will advise you on smaller yet comfortable apartments in Dubai.

This ends our guide on the minimal salary required to purchase property in Dubai. As you can see, purchasers have options in Dubai's broad real estate market. In Dubai, a home loan requires a minimum salary of AED 15k. AED 160k is the maximum amount, based on the specific property in Dubai

Comfortable apartments in Dubai are a major source of elevating the charm of property investment in Dubai 2024.


Dubai is a special place where people of all economic levels may invest for property in Dubai to enjoy the charms of one of the world's most amazing cities. The affordable alternatives for property in Dubai are diversified and cater to various people of all classes. It demonstrates the city's dedication to diversity. Investors and buyers can make property investment in Dubai 2024 without sacrificing the opulence and luxury that the city is known for. In addition to offering an excellent financial platform, booming Dubai's capital real estate market has paved the way for investors.


1. What is the forecast for Dubai Property Market 2024?

S&P Global Ratings predicts that Dubai's record-breaking real estate prices will start to level out by the end of the following year and then progressively drop by 5% to 10% over the next 12 to 18 months.

2. Is Dubai's real estate market predicted to grow 15 in 2024?

AI-driven analysis from Realiste, a specialized prop-tech business offering real estate investment solutions, indicates that Dubai's real estate market will likely rise by 15% in 2024 due to a robust economy, strong demand, and greater interest from overseas investors.

3. Will the prices for property for rent in Dubai fall in 2024?

Tenants would benefit as a recent analysis by real estate valuation and consulting services firm ValuStrat suggests that rent rises in Dubai may begin to slow down in 2024.


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