New Launches by Damac Properties in Dubai

  • Primo Capital
  • January 22 2024

The ever-evolving Dubai capital real estate has tremendously engaged in a new headline with the launch of stunning properties by its most promising developer “Damac”. The developer is mostly known for its outstanding real estate projects in giving the best possibilities for investors and buyers to get the ultimate real estate deals. The rapidly changing Dubai capital real estate has marked its reputation to be the highest in the real estate spectrum. You can never go wrong with the property investment in Dubai 2024 with the mentioned developer. It is the best time to grab your investments from other states and make one in Dubai because of the promising real estate future and the value ever ever-increasing mending ways to get profitable benefits with . 

New Damac Property Launches Dubai Property Market Attracting Investors Globally

Two of Damac Properties' most recent projects have stirred up a lot of activity in the Dubai property market and drawn interest from international investors. The appeal of adaptable layouts, first-rate facilities, and creative design showcases Damac’s dedication to drawing in discriminating buyers looking for a fusion of extravagance and cutting-edge living. With the completion of these projects, Damac is firmly establishing itself as a major force in determining the direction of the Dubai property market.

1. The Farmhouses – Entrance to Worldly Heaven!  

The Farmhouses, tucked away in Damac Hills 2, provide a selection of 13 independent luxury villas in Dubai that have been painstakingly designed for opulent living in a tranquil environment as per Zawya. The large rear area that gives owners the chance to create their private retreats is what sets these villas apart. The Farmhouses enable inhabitants to bring their visions of gardens, yoga retreats, horse stables, and private outdoor cinemas to life in the comfort of their own homes. These are an eclectic choice of properties in Dubai to get your hands on instantly. 

While precise information about project pricing, tenders, and completion dates is still pending, the heavy focus on customisable areas and distinctive elements points to a personalized living experience that accommodates personal tastes. This suggests a customized and distinctive home product that lets people design their living areas in line with distinctive features for residential desires.

2. Verona – Unlocking Exquisite Lifestyle! 

The Verona cluster, a stunning addition to DAMAC Hills 2, presents a sophisticated range of townhouses in Dubai that expertly combine modern style with useful practicality. These townhouses are designed to be the pinnacle of stylish urban living, fusing contemporary design with practicality. Verona ensures inhabitants of a harmonic synthesis of comfort and sophistication with painstaking attention to detail and an uncompromising dedication to architectural excellence, providing a sanctuary of exquisite living within DAMAC Hills 2. 

Residents can expect an exceptional living experience as the Verona cluster develops, with each residence expertly built to enrich their lifestyle and exhibit the ideal blend of elegance and substance.

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The launch of these two stunning properties by the renowned developer in the Dubai capital real estate assures the ever-growing possibility to investors worldwide. The developer is highly recognised for its stunning real estate projects providing awesome amenities and world-class features making life easier and enticing for the residents. The high property sales by Damac emphasises the vulnerability of the developer extensively. The lifestyle and living standard to be redefined ultimately in the Dubai capital real estate has followed and implemented successfully by Damac. Therefore investing in Damac properties in Dubai will bring an outstanding return on investment and high profits on selling due to increasing luxury property demand. 


1. Who owns Damac in Dubai? 

The founder of the international real estate development firm DAMAC Properties is Hussain Sajwani, a native of the UAE. Sajwani, a self-made billionaire, has received numerous honours, including recognition as one of the most influential Arabs.

2. How many properties do Damac own? 

Apartments, hotels, and resorts are just a few of the real estate projects in DAMAC Properties' vast and outstanding portfolio. Since its establishment in 2002, DAMAC Properties has demonstrated an outstanding ability to supply more than 32,000 properties.

3. How rich is Damac? 

The DAMAC Group established D-labs in 2022 with a $100 million investment to construct communities within the Metaverse. It declared the opening of Canal Heights, a 44-story skyscraper, in February 2023, and Emirates NBD arranged DAMAC's $200 million unsecured sukuk. As of July 2023, Sajwani's net worth was $4.5 billion, as reported by Forbes.

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