Overview of Dubai Real Estate Market Q2 2024

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  • July 5 2024

Dubai's real estate market keeps on negating the expectation of regular surges. Q2 2024 records a phenomenal surge strengthening the Emirate's position as a commercial and global investment hub. This is the prime time for you to explore Dubai real estate and explore the unprecedented activities that are currently painting the picture of a thriving market. This blog shed light on key statistics that remained determinant in Dubai's real estate market Q2 2024. The discussion also includes the off-plan properties of Dubai that contribute to making this real estate extremely appealing.

Dubai Real Estate Market Analysis – Unprecedented Quarter Performance

Dubai-real-estate-booming One of the most striking features of the Dubai real estate market Q2 2024 was the sheer transaction volume. According to the reports from credible sources, Dubai records a staggering 35,310 transactions of real estate. This was a remarkable growth as compared to the same period in 2023 with a 20.5% increase ratio.

Spotlight on Off-plan properties in Dubai – Exploring the segment

Let’s begin the discussion of specific reasons and factors that solidify the Dubai real estate. First and foremost off-plan properties in Dubai experienced a remarkable growth of 23.9% increase in transactions compared to the previous year 2023. The meteoric rise in the demand is due to:

Lower Price: off-plan property projects are priced lower than the completed or secondary properties. This is one of the major reasons that increased demand. This feature specifically attracted first-time buyers mainly. The affordability is what makes the Dubai real estate market exceptionally accessible for global buyers.

 Potential of High Return and Capital Appreciation:  As the completion date approaches the price of off-plan property increases. Through this buyers can enjoy high rents in Dubai and returns on investment.

Buyer-Centric Payment Plans: The developers of Dubai real estate in the segment of off-plan properties offer attractive payment plans. This makes the investment manageable for the buyers and makes Dubai real estate attractive in Q2 2024.

Community Lifestyle - Fostering a Sense of Family-Friendly Environment


Dubai's real estate landscape’s popularity is growing at an exceptional pace and one of the major reasons for it is community living. The family-friendly projects are increasing the demand of Dubai's real estate property market.

The residential projects of Dubai are beyond some regular construction and offer a holistic lifestyle for the buyers. Lush green parks, availability of recreational facilities, schools, and retail outlets all are just a stone’s throw away. The features create a sense of belonging and make Dubai real estate a strong point of investment for buyers.

Looking Beyond - Sustainable Growth

According to the real estate experts Dubai real estate is currently in Q2 2024 and will continue to grow in the coming quarters. This is because the forecasted growth of UAE’s GDP by 4% and the diversification feature are among the driving factors. Expo 2025 approaching near is also one of the biggest reasons that is increasing the demand for property in Dubai. Various projects are aligned with the expo vision with a sustainability theme.

Prime Investment Opportunities in Dubai real-estate in Q2 2024 – Thriving projects

Ultimate-investment-opportunities-in Dubai-real-estate

Several developments in Dubai are currently making buzz in the bustling metropolis. Let’s have some insights of what are the prime investment opportunities in Dubai real estate in Q2 2024.

Mag Marriot Residences: Nestled in the heart of Dubai in Al Barsha, close to the Dubai Hills iconic community Mag Marriot Residence is exclusive. The interiors of this masterpiece are mesmerizing with the signature of Marriot. The starting price of this exceptional project is AED 1.8M.

This investment opportunity offers apartments and townhouses with property unit types 1-3 BR. This property also offers accessibility to some of the key regions.

Dubai Islands

One of the Nakheel developer’s prestigious developments is Dubai Islands offering a luxurious range of residential units. Buyers can enjoy villas with beach access, semi-detached villas, and townhouses. The price of this exceptional project starts from 4M with the handover to begin in Q2 2027.

The stunning waterfront property offers open spaces and a majestic view of the Arabian Gulf. This is one of the promising investment opportunities in Dubai real estate.

It is interesting to note that the surge in Dubai real estate and its performance in Q2 2024 is due to various aspects. The availability of a wide range of property units complemented with exclusive amenities caters for the demand of a wide number of buyers. This Dubai real estate market overview indicates that affordability is one of the major reasons, the Dubai market is in any way maturing.


Dubai real estate market in Q2 2024 performance remained exceptional with staggering transaction volumes. Record-breaking property prices, buyer’s shift towards affordability and the dynamic investor and buyer-friendly market, make Dubai real estate exclusive. As Emirates is gaining popularity, the real estate sector is also becoming a lucrative avenue for investment.

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