UAE - A Place For Clenching Good Rental Yield!

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  • July 3 2023


“UAE, a place for clenching good rental yield!”

Envisioning a new setup or an investment to grow and take the modicum of your business to successful heights, initializing the work in one of the top-notch state for one of the best rental yield in the United Arab Emirates will be beneficial for your future investment.

Rental yield in the United Arab Emirates is essentially the most promising source of income, which will help grow your investment in the real estate world in terms of business and develop a healthy and smart relationship with the people who will become your acclaimed clients. Having said and aforementioned the initial aspects of rental yield in the United Arab Emirates, Mentioning it as the hub of generating high rental yield will be a fit.


What is rental yield?     

United Arab Emirates an esteem state for good rental yield

The rental yield is the amount or pay in which the investor gets the rent from one of his profound properties, which he has given the consumer access to the residence. It is the most significant financial indicator which tells you about the ROI (Return on Investment) generated by the property which has been rented out. It is generally associated with the signage of % (percentage), which is calculated by the total rental income of the property, which is beheld by the investor and dividing the yearly rental income by the actual amount of the property on which the investor has bought.

The United Arab Emirates provides an excellent platform to nourish and build an exceptional per cent rate which benefits the property holder due to its exuberance which is widely laid in the state. It is an astoundingly essential rhythmic asset for real estate investors. It helps the stability in accounting for the growth rate, which is the percentage of a property calculated. This indispensable criterion helps secure the profitability and growth of investment property masses. Therefore the rate of successors in the division of the United Arab Emirates in the rental yield is higher, as discussed below.

United Arab Emirates is a promising niche to collect good rental yield  

The rental yield in the United Arab Emirates has historically been relatively high compared to many other global Real estate markets. Even though the real estate business is not always in flux and the general outcome cannot be restricted as per the global conditions, decrease in property rates, the place itself can conjure an array of enlisted and several other factors which impact the rental yield.

  • The rental yield in the United Arab Emirates has not experienced such vast and degrading proforma in the real estate world due to its multiple-faceted yet successful regional attire.
  • The real estate market of the United Arab Emirates holds up to Billions of Dollars which is an impressively massive number in the real estate business.
  • The finest yet godly gracious state in the world due to the vast development
  • An exceptional use of architecture proposed with the modern style attributes makes it synonymous with the world's finest art of living.
  • The industry is expected to boost with the approximation of upto a Trillion Dollars by 2024

As aforementioned, the perks of being famous and the safest place to invest for rental yield, the United Arab Emirates provides the golden possibility to sparkle your business purposefully.

States to Invest In United Arab Emirates for Handsome Rental Yield

The United Arab Emirates is prolifically efficient throughout the plain in terms of investment for the real estate sector. Having staggering seven states, each provides an excellent opportunity to invest in real estate for good rental yield. You can invest to get excellent rental yield in the following states.



The Foremost Leading State in Generating Hefty Rental Yield in UAE

Regarding captivating architecture, a hub of Real Estate giants, producing mass opportunities, idyllic lifestyle and precision with perfection - Dubai holds the bar to exceptional height. This state is universally profound in terms of generating one of the best rental yield in the whole United Arab Emirates and making it the global city producing high rental yield across the entire world, taking off straight on the graph with approximately above 9 %, making it scoring higher than any other cities around the world such as London with a rental yield of (7%), New York (4%) conclusively making it the best city in the world for the high rental yield.

The demand for the real estate sector is increasing promptly due to the industry being further heated by new initiatives and laws. Foreign investors are drawing near the property prices and other factors, evoking an immense interest in investing in the state for good rental yields.

Dubai has one of the most breathtaking places, such as Palm Jumeirah, Downtown Dubai, City Walk, Business Bay, Dubai Marina, Dubai Hill state villas, and Al Barari; all of these places within Dubai provide an exceptional array of beauty, elegance, modernity, comfort & luxury and a plethora of clusters which sparks a fascination to abundantly grasp the initiative to initialize investing in the business. The rental yields of these places vary in approximation from 6% to 9%, which is indeed the most handsome profit as per the rental yield in the United Arab Emirates.

Abu Dhabi:

A city enriched with value and culture and a demanding source for generating good rental yield in the United Arab Emirates. Abu Dhabi projects a leading source for investors to benefit from the splendid opportunities. Places like Al Reem Island and Al Raha Gardens, an astoundingly beautiful and nature-enriched area with luscious greens and urban architecture, make the most suitable place for generating an acceptable amount of rental yield in the whole city combined. Abu Dhabi generates approximately 6 % of the rental yield in the United Arab Emirates.


Exquisite Villas with High Rental Yield in UAE

Discussing the places generating an acute rental yield in the United Arab Emirates where residencies, flats/apartments, studios, and condos are mentioned that fulfils the requirements of a good investment for excellent rental yields, Sharjah provides a different medium of residency in attaining the benchmark for rental yields. The Villas are a magnificence of this state in particular because of the exclusivity that Sharjah provides within the premises and the most formidable place for rental yield. Al Gharayen Villas are the highest generators of rental yield in Sharjah, with an approximation rate of above 5 %, making it a suitable yet comfortable place to invest. Places like Al Jadah, Tilal City and Al Mamsha provide luxurious flats to invest in and roll out the handsome ROI as rental yield in the United Arab Emirates.   


To begin or to commence in the property sector to revitalize your investments into a profitable margin, Ajman sets up a whole direction to make you experience the journey in the real estate sector to build and move forward with drift. Ajman has also got a great platform to invest in places like Ajman Downtown, Emirates City, and Al Nauimiya for flats/apartments and villas; places like Al Yasmeen, Al Zahya and Al Rawda are famous and investing in property in these regions will be beneficial for the investor and the client as they will be getting a sound place to live in and experience the tranquillity of luxury and comfort. Ajman generates a rental yield with the approximation of 7% above in the United Arab Emirates, making it another profitable state for investing the real estate.

Fujairah, Umm-Al-Quwain and Ras-Al-Khaimah:

States Providing Profitable Rental Yield in United Arab Emirates

Overall, the three states provide a profitable rental yield in the United Arab Emirates. The ideal locations, the investment, the deals and the professional attributes make these states another asset of the United Arab Emirates in yielding good rental yield. Fujairah has several sites where the investment regarding real estate to get good rental yields are mainly offices, villas and houses, which embarks an excellent source for initializing the business.

Ras Al Khaimah also has a splendid variety for investment in real estate which will give approximately 6% to 8%; places renowned for investment in real estate in this city are Al Dhait, Al Hamra Village, Yasmeen Village, and Al Rams.

On the other hand, Umm-Al-Quwain also implies an outstanding margin in the real estate business because every state provides a profitable margin to generate a good rental yield in the United Arab Emirates. Umm-Al-Quwain is best known for its enticing areas, near the beach; the luscious greens and palms, which are an emblem of this place, attract tourists and the residential area is worth living in and is in high demand by the clients.

The naturally glorifying sites like Bahi Ajman Palace Hotel, Vida Beach Resort, and Pearl Hotel are the perfect resources for this state which can bring about a valuable rental yield in the United Arab Emirates, with the rentals yielding from 5% to nearly 8%, which is an impressive allocation for the investor.


An Investment for Life

Stunning Deals for Investment in United Arab Emirates for Earning Good Rental Yield

With the desire mentioned above to generate excellent rental yield in the United Arab Emirates, Our company, “Primo Capital” is eager to provide excellent sources for your business to grow and the investment which will bring spontaneously charming assets to your valuable business. We cater with pride and esteeming effort so that the process for you is effortless to glide through the options and select the investment of your life.


UAE has been a center of attraction for investors to initialize their business values in this gigantic real estate hub with high-end technology, revolutionizing architecture, world-class luxuries and amenities and amazing perks for capturing the charm. Investing here will be an amazing journey as the state provides best rental yield in the world which embodies the pulchritude of an investment been taken to heights of success and glory where it is most deserved.


Q1- What is the average rental yield in UAE?

The average of rental yield in UAE is moderate to good which is 1.67% to 10.27% with an emirate average of 6.69%.

Q2- What are the top areas for good rental yield in Dubai?

Za'abeel, Dubai Marina, Dubai Hills Estate (Villas), Jumeirah Beach Residence, Business Bay, Downtown Dubai and Palm Jumeirah Apartments are the best areas for getting good rental yield.

Q3- What is a good ROI in rental property in Dubai?

For example, the return on investment for real estate in Dubai – the most popular emirate in the UAE among tenants – is about 5-8%. 

Q4- Which is the best state for rental yield in the world?

With an average yield of 9.19%, Dubai scored higher than locations such as London (7.89%) and New York (4.48%), making it the best city in the world for rental yields in 2021!

Q5- Is 2023 a good time to buy property in Dubai for getting good rental yield?

The Dubai real estate market is steadily increasing and is predicted to increase by 46% in 2023. According to the Realiste AI data reports, It is predicted that the cost of real estate in this city will rise by 29% in 2023.

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