UAE real estate is all geared up to witness 10 mega projects in Dubai

  • Primo Capital
  • January 25 2024

There has always been a stunning forge in real estate Dubai with magnificent projects enticing investors globally even to buy at a higher price. There is enough evidence that the state's uniformity in making all kinds of deals suiting every kind of investor, the tax-free environment and visa ease have made it much easier for property investors. You can become an owner of an amazing luxury real estate Dubai as per your requirements. The promising developments and outstanding features instilled in these projects have heightened the status bar. It has increased the prices overall for properties for sale UAE. Not only this, Dubai is on the verge of experiencing new luxury ventures as more exciting developments are about to be built which we will discuss in this blog. 

10 Upcoming Mega Projects Elevating Real Estate Dubai 

Following are the best ten upcoming mega projects which are about to hit real estate Dubai. These developments are going to add more allure to the Dubai capital real estate as their exuberance and majestic appeal will change the state’s luxury sector ultimately. Let's discuss these stunning real estate developments that will beat all types of properties for sale UAE. 

1. Dubai Creek Tower 

Creek Tower in Dubai is the ultimate development to be witnessed by real estate Dubai.

Its breathtaking presence draws tourists to the tallest structure in the world. Tucked away in the centre of the well-known Dubai Creek Harbour, this masterpiece promises an unimaginable lifestyle. Dubai Creek Tower is the pinnacle of luxury and a great place to invest thanks to its stunning design, exceptional property sales, and 20% down payment.

2. Marsa Al Arab

Marsa Al Arab is going to feature best option to buy apartments in Dubai.

With two artificial islands placed in front of the recognizable Burj Al Arab, Marsa Al Arab, an innovative project located in Dubai South, is changing the face of the city. Marsa Al Arab creates an exclusive refuge with its helipad, yacht club, and private marina. It offers a substantial addition to Dubai's real estate portfolio with its strategic position and array of amenities. 

3. Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences

Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences at Business Bay Dubai is elevating the reputation of real estate Dubai.

Reaching a height of 472 meters, its unique honeycomb structure sets it out as a noteworthy landmark. It is a highly sought-after address with first-rate amenities and a premium location, making it an alluring option for people looking for a convenient yet luxurious living space in the middle of the city. 

4. Agri Hub by URB 

Agri Hub by URB is the most stunning development ever done in real estate Dubai.

The goal of this initiative is to establish an urban agricultural community that is environmentally friendly. Seen as a paradigm shift in urban planning, it offers a look at sustainable communities of the future by fusing contemporary living with environmentally friendly habits.

5. Dubai Urban Tech District

Dubai Urban Tech District is reshaping real estate Dubai significantly with stunning design.

Being the centre for innovation and technology is the primary goal of this project. It is expected to become a premier hub for technology and innovation in the area thanks to its cutting-edge amenities and advantageous location. This forthcoming initiative is generating a lot of excitement and buzz because of its potential to influence business and technology in Dubai in the future.

6. One Za’abeel 

One Za'abeel is going to give multiple stunning options to buy luxury apartments in Dubai.

A proposed project in the Za'abeel district of Dubai called One Za'abeel is expected to be a visual marvel. The Linx is the longest cantilever bridge ever constructed, consisting of two connected towers that seamlessly blend architectural design and practicality. One Za'abeel's striking design draws attention, and it is positioned to represent luxury and innovation amid Dubai's changing skyline.

7. Ciel Dubai 

Ciel is the world’s tallest hotels in Dubai having stunning options for dine in.

Ciel Dubai is positioned as a new project that inspires excitement among real estate enthusiasts and investors. This ambitious project, which is scheduled to begin construction in 2024, is anticipated to add a magical touch to Dubai's famous skyline and produce a distinctive and in-demand living environment.

8. Dubai Vertical City 

Originally unveiled at the 2019 Knowledge Summit, this self-sufficient tower complex can house up to 25,000 people. Dubai Vertical City is an inventive idea that showcases the city's dedication to environmentally aware development and progressive urban planning.

9. Baccarat Hotel and Residences Dubai

The new announcement by Shamal Holdings of a Baccarat Hotel and Residences in Downtown Dubai, scheduled for completion in 2026 is going to open new luxury doors. The hotel, which is run by SH Hotels and Resorts, has 144 rooms and suites, and the apartments have four dining establishments and 49 rooms. This distinctive project in Dubai's upscale lodging industry offers a lavish and private way of life.

10. Dubai Wasl Tower

The almost 300-meter-tall Wasl Tower on Sheikh Zayed Road is expected to be completed by the second quarter of 2024. The tower's innovative Z-axis design gives Dubai's skyline a distinctive touch by giving the impression of dynamic motion. It combines cutting-edge architecture with contemporary design featuring elegance and class. 


The mentioned luxury developments predict the sound future of real estate Dubai. As these developments will eventually raise the bar of real estate transactions and as per the high property demand, these projects will pave magnificent ways for investors to gain future benefits. You can buy apartment in Dubai at Burj Binghatti Jacob & Co Residences and elevate your real estate Dubai portfolio significantly. You can invest in real estate Dubai easily with stunning deals available at Primo where our professionals will guide you about the best deals for luxury properties in Dubai. 


1. What is the massive project in Dubai?

The Dubai Reef project, which was first unveiled in May 2023, is one of the biggest marine reef development projects in the world and will start to take shape in 2024.

2. Is Dubai real estate all-time high?

The most recent data from Property Monitor indicates that prices in Dubai have surpassed the previous all-time high from September 2014 to a record high of AED 1,271 per square foot.

3. How big is the real estate market in the UAE?

The market is dominated by residential real estate, which is expected to generate US$0.41 trillion in revenue by 2024. By 2028, the value is projected to have grown at a 3.03% annual pace (CAGR 2024–2028), with a market volume of US$0.80 trillion by Statista.


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