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  • September 15 2023

The property market in Dubai is always busy proposing investment opportunities that are not only aesthetically pleasing but lucrative, too. But getting involved in the decision to buy properties in Dubai is not a piece of cake. You add the desired property to your cart and depart with the property papers. " wish it were that easy!" but there's always a hack that can save you from the hustles of the Dubai property market. One of those secrets is getting the best real estate agent in Dubai on board with you! Finding the best real estate agent in Dubai is a game of maze where you will get multiple directions, feedback and expectations that will make the situation quite confusing! But those who know what aspects to look at in finding the best real estate agent in Dubai will have a nook from others and a clear pathway to follow! If you need to learn how to find the best real estate agent in Dubai, stick to this comprehensive guide that will unfold every aspect of Dubai's real estate agent.

Find the best real estate agent in Dubai

To help you find the best real estate agent in Dubai, you need to look for these characteristics that a successful & credible real estate agent will have;

dubai real estate

Savvy Characteristics of the Best Real Estate Agent in Dubai

  1. Educated & Licensed:

The best real estate agent is the one who is educated & licensed. A strong educational foundation gives agents a thorough understanding of the mechanics of the real estate market, contract law, and the moral principles that guide the sector. Along with fostering confidence and trustworthiness, this fundamental information and a current license help demonstrate that the agent is skilled at negotiating the intricate web of real estate transactions. The knowledge that their agent is competent to advise them with knowledge and professionalism while abiding by the rules and criteria established by the regulatory bodies gives clients peace of mind. Real estate agents with this mix of training and certification are known for their expertise and dependability, which pave the way for smooth and open real estate transactions and, thus, make it a trait of the best real estate agent.

  1. Extensive Portfolio:

Make sure that the best real estate agent in Dubai is all-rounder! They are not limited to one real estate niche but hold an extensive portfolio selling various properties in Dubai. Whether it's commercial property for sale in Dubai or some villa – the best real estate agent is the one who knows the knits & grits of commercial & residential properties.

  1. Collaborative & Honest:

One characteristic of the best real estate agent is honesty and collaboration. This trait is a real estate agent's most important quality, making him flexible & optimistic in dealing with real estate matters. Being collaborative & honest in real estate professional makes any newbie or struggling agent shine in their profession, and that's what ultimately any client will look for before signing a real estate agent for its business.

  1. Problem Solving Mindset:

Although real estate is a roller coaster of feelings, negotiations and transactions, the best real estate agent navigates these twists and turns with grace, bringing stability, insight, and a calming presence to every interaction, ensuring clients' goals are met with utmost professionalism and expertise through problem-solving mindset.

  1. Financial Acumen:

An acing real estate agent exemplifies financial savvy, expertly navigating the complex economic environments that define the property market in Dubai. They stand out in the industry due to their skill in assessing property prices, identifying market trends, and offering intelligent investment recommendations based on client's budgets & property appreciation. They have a talent for developing plans supporting their client's financial objectives, whether maximizing return on investment or locating a dream home within a specific spending limit. Each transaction demonstrates their financial experience and acumen because of their thorough understanding of financial dynamics, which guarantees that clients are led with an informed, analytical, and strategic approach.

  1. Tech Savvy & Market Updated:

Being technologically savvy and market-updated are essential qualities of a top-tier agent in today's quickly changing Dubai property market. Such agents support smooth transactions, provide virtual property tours, and use digital platforms for property listings best by utilizing cutting-edge technology. They are equally skilled at assessing real-time market data, ensuring that clients have the most up-to-date information to decide to buy property in Dubai. They stand out in the competitive real estate market because of their keen awareness of market trends and aptitude for technology, which results in a smooth, effective, and educated property buying or selling experience.

How to find the best real estate agent in Dubai?

dubai real estate

  • Starting researching about the potential real estate agent that you are willing to work with
  • Check their reviews, ratings & services on multiple platforms.
  • Seek recommendations from your friends, family, colleagues, or anyone recently involved in the Dubai property market.
  • Join local community or real estate groups on social media platforms for suggestions.
  • Do check the credibility & license of potential real estate agents in Dubai. Look for agents with substantial experience in the Dubai market.
  • Approach for those agents who specialize in the real estate niche you are interested in buying.
  • Prepare a questionnaire that you are willing to ask from the agent while buying property in Dubai. You can ask his strategy and deliver your requirements in that meeting.
  • Remember to consider the track record of agents in terms of successful transactions.
  • Discuss commission rates and negotiate the best real estate deal.
  • Clearly understand and agree upon the terms of the agreement before signing. Do not rush in locking the potential agent. Take your time and decide wisely.
  • Choose an agent who is compatible with your personality and understands your needs.
  • Trust your instincts and opt for an agent who demonstrates professionalism and trustworthiness.

By following these steps, you can easily land the best real estate agent who will not only master his skills but also be compatible with your understanding & needs.

What is the fee of the best real estate agent in Dubai?

The cost of a real estate agent in Dubai can vary significantly depending on several variables, such as the property's kind, the agent's level of experience, and the services provided. Real estate brokers in Dubai typically charge a commission that is a portion of the property's asking price or monthly rental fee. The usual commission price is from 2% to 5% for sales and 5% of the annual rent for rental properties, although it's crucial to remember that these rates might fluctuate and may be negotiable. But to crack the bubble, a real estate agent in Dubai earns real good! For example, if a real estate agent in Dubai & sells a penthouse for sale in Dubai worth approximately 750 million AED ($204 million), you'd make a five percent commission. So, that's 750 million multiplied by 0.05, which equals 37.5 million.


Finding a real estate agent in Dubai is full of fallacies, but if you know the trick to find the best real estate agent to help you buy the best property for sale in Dubai, you are in safe hands. For those still on the blank side of "how to find the best real estate agent in Dubai," this guide has potentially delivered you the answers!

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