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  • July 13 2023


Owning property in the UAE can offer certain benefits, such as eligibility for long-term residency visas, depending on the property's value and other factors. The UAE's property market also has a vibrant rental sector, especially in Dubai. Many expatriates and residents prefer to rent properties rather than buy, given the transient nature of their stay. The UAE has numerous renowned real estate developers who have contributed to the growth of the country's property market. Some well-known developers include Emaar Properties, Nakheel, and Aldar Properties. The esteeming Real estate market of Dubai has catered for the interest of millions of clients. Verifying title is the most common and difficult aspect of buying or owning real estate. Dubai's real estate market is booming by the day. People from all over the world are migrating to the largest city in the United Arab Emirates. If you are also thinking of moving to Dubai for whatever reason, you must know how to verify your property ownership in Dubai.  

How to find the owner of a property in UAE?

A real estate investor has a full schedule of daily responsibilities. Investors must alternate between controlling and balancing resources to be successful in finding the owner of a property in the UAE. You might be surprised to learn that real estate investment occasionally requires some detective work, particularly if you're interested in purchasing a certain property but don't know who the owner is. In order to carry out the information to find the owner of a property in UAE, listed below are the key methods to catch the real deal.

property in UAE


The most significant method in conducting preliminary research is the internet, where several sites allow you to investigate the resident's credentials, adding their addresses, and the site locates you to the current information helping you find a property owner in UAE.


Another important way to find a property owner in UAE is by contacting the Real estate broker as they are significant in keeping records up-to-date to run their business smoothly, and they sell the lists with all of the information needed to find the property owner.


The other beneficial step which will help you find the owner of a property is simply going to their doors, contacting the area, and if the premises allows you to access this step, then go ahead as if the property is currently being occupied by the rentals and as per your esteem interest, the rentals will forward you to the property owner if they have more in hand or want to sell.


The county recorder or clerk's office is another source of information that real estate investors may use. Birth and marriage certificates, among other legal papers, are kept in the county recorder's office by county residents. The county recorder will have information on easements, property deeds, mortgages, tax liens, and bills of sale.

How do I find out who owns a property in Dubai?

Dubai, a land of resourceful Real estate projects that reckons luxury and comfort as a whole, builds fascination to own a property in this exclusive city of UAE. Therefore having the following informatory parameters, one can access the information purposefully and find out the owner of the property in Dubai.


The owner's name and other pertinent information are often included in the property's title deed if you have access to it. You can ask the present owner for a copy of the title deed or get one from the Dubai Land Department.


Properties in Dubai are occasionally handled by property management firms. These businesses could have records of the property owners and might provide you with the information you need. Inquiring about the owners with the help of management companies for the property you are interested in.


It might be beneficial to work with a reliable real estate agent who specializes in the region or kind of home you are looking at. They frequently have access to networks and databases that can help identify property owners. If you may provide specific details about the property you are interested in, they will help you gather the information.

Where do I find the title deed number?

property in UAE

The title deed number is an individual identification code used to easily locate and reference the document proving the property’s ownership in Dubai in official records. The property's title deed document or the DLD's online Title Deed Verification service both contain the title deed number. The title deed number is located on the top of the title registers, which holds regardless of the property's ownership status—freehold, leasehold, or whether it pertains to a legal estate or an actual stake in real estate. The DLD is the government agency in charge of keeping track of Dubai's land ownership data.

What is the certificate number in the title deed in UAE?

The certificate Number can be found below the barcode or QR code of the title deed; Contract Number for Oqood (If you choose to buy a house off-plan while it is still in the planning or building stage, RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) will grant you an Oqood. The document guarantees the registration of your name and is thus being built. The Oqood becomes a title deed after the building is finished or finalized.) The certificate number is registered below the barcode or QR in the format of certificate number/year (99909/2019).

What is the documentation involved in buying or selling of any property in UAE?

Thinking of selling your property in the UAE? Well, you need a lot of important documents to complete the transaction. When selling a property in the UAE, you will need to prepare the following important documents:  


The most important document that proves ownership of real estate is the title deed. An original or a copy of the deed is required to sell the property. 


All UAE residents are required to possess an Emirates ID Card, a government-issued ID card. To prove your identity to the purchaser, you must give them a copy of your Emirates ID. 


The terms and conditions of the sale between you and the buyer are set out in the sales contract, a legal document. This includes purchase costs, payment schedules and other important information.  


If the property is mortgaged or loaned, you must obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the bank or financial institution holding the mortgage. This document proves that the bank has approved the sale of the property. 


This document certifies that all outstanding maintenance and service fees have been paid in full. This certificate must be obtained from the property management company.


You must provide copies of recent utility bills, such as water and electricity bills, as proof of being paid on dates.

Is 2023 a good time to buy property in UAE?

The growing market of Real estate is an example of ample progress, and there is no stopping; according to Gulf News, Dubai's Real estate market is expected to grow more in the year 2023, making it a perfect time to invest and buy property in the UAE. The top Real estate developers have surged on a mission to accomplish more success in the Real estate world as their contribution is highly appreciable, making it an amazing place to begin your investments with. According to “Arabian Business”, The off-plan projects in Dubai have attracted numerous investors amidst of rise in population and demand by the clients, which resulted in the booming of the Real estate market. Also, Dubai experienced a 21 per cent increase from 2021 in rental prices and is expected to increase more as the demand increases daily.


The demand is increasing gradually as it is conducted as the right time to buy property in UAE for a better future. Make sure to have the right documentation before buying property in UAE, which will help ease the buying or selling process.

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