Primo Capital’s Best 5 Cities Picks for Property Investment in UAE

  • Primo Capital
  • May 9 2024

Don’t you want to live in the house of your dreams? If yes then what problem do you think is the biggest issue that may hinder your selection of a home? You are right selecting the best place or location is one of the biggest challenges in the region specifically like UAE where all of the major cities offer dream houses complemented with amenities and are available at affordable prices. Whether you want to live or make a property investment in the UAE, choosing the right location is crucial. This is because undoubtedly true convenience lies in the exclusive location. But who can assist you in this task this requires a trustworthy partner who can understand all the needs and suggest the best.

Top 5 Cities for Property Investment in UAE

We have curated a list of the top 5 cities that are best from the perspective of property investment; let’s explore the project and these cities which are suggested by one of the leading property agencies in Dubai Primo Capital:

Dubai – Place of Perpetual Opportunities


For various reasons, Dubai stands out among the other Emirates of UAE. This is because the vibrant and welcoming culture of the city attracts investors. Besides, this destination of Dubai is termed as the best by Primo Capital in the context of property investment not just because of the serene view, but from the investment perspective.

The news of Business Recorder also validates the selection of Dubai by Primo Capital as one of the best-fit places for buyers, especially Pakistanis.

The source of National News also confirms that Dubai is one of the most profitable and attractive places for property investors. This is because according to the news, the tax-free policy makes the property mouth-watering for the investors.

Abu Dhabi – Experience the Excellence


Abu Dhabi enjoys the status of being the capital city of the UAE, making it one of the best places for property investment in the UAE.

But the reason for adding this city by one of the leading real estate agencies in Dubai Primo Capital is not only it being the capital.  Abu Dhabi is becoming a popular destination for investment, as it reflects a strong economy. Besides, world-class infrastructure availability, diverse culture, strategic location and capital appreciation are the features.

As also mentioned by the property advisor of Primo Capital:

“due to the exceptional availability of layout and infrastructure small villas and townhouses, Abu Dhabi is the best option”

Ajman – Land of Lively Culture and Food


Ajman is also added to the curated list and special picks by Primo Capital, in the context of cities best for property investment for a couple of reasons.

As reported by a reputable source, Ajman is termed as the ‘Quiet Emirates’ with the real estate market witnessing a surge in 2023. Primo Capital experts also highlighted the reasons that make Ajman a prime location, including a massive ROI of 9.4%, ongoing infrastructure and popularity among investors.

Sharjah – Experience the Religious Spirituality


One of the evidence of expert real estate agencies is that, the results they highlight match with the statements and results projected by experts. Sharjah is being picked by Primo Capital and is confirmed by other real estate agencies in Sharjah. Khaleej Times reported Sharjah is offering an exceptional opportunity for investors to enjoy high ROI and other benefits. Sharjah is the place to invest as it emerged as the best place for lucrative profit.

One of the experts of Primo Capital commenting on Sharjah offering investment opportunity said:

“for the property seekers, Sharjah is the start of the eye, because the housing is complemented with world-class amenities and massive 5.06% ROI”

Ras Al-Khaimah – Place Abundant in Natural Beauty


Ras Al-Khaimah is another pick by Primo Capital for property investment which is also affirmed by other real estate companies in Ras Al Khaimah. According to Arabian News, there is a high demand for the property in Ras Al Khaimah by locals, expats and Russian Investors.

Ras Al-Khaimah is one of the best places for property investment as confirmed by the Primo Capital experts also, as one of them said:

“the exceptional governance structure and the clear vision for the economy growth and sustainability by 20203 is what driving the and has made this places exclusive for the investors.”

The massive increase in the diversity of the investors comprises nationals from around 42 countries. Moreover, Ras Al-Khaimah also offers a staggering ROI of around 8% which reflects its profitable nature.


Choosing the right place for property investment is one of the biggest decisions one could make. Taking expert advice like the above-customised list including picks by experts in the real estate agency Primo Capital, will not only help you get the overview of the best place for property investment in UAE but also offer expert advice for you to trust the picks and make your decision without any delay.

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