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  • October 30 2023

Dubai properties are always hyped up for several reasons, but getting a visa through property investment in Dubai is the most prominent reason behind this roaring demand. Although Dubai's captivating lifestyle and marvels of architecture have beckoned property investors globally and with the proper visa guidance for property buyers in Dubai, you could be the next homeowner in this luminous metropolis. Through this essential visa guide, embrace all the little details regarding owning a property visa by investing in Dubai property. Visa regulations, eligibility criteria, types of tickets and other questions that an investor might ask are featured in this blog to deliver complete and updated information regarding "property buyer’s visa guidance.”

Dubai Property Buyers Visa Guide - Everything You Need to Know

visa guidance for Dubai property buyers

Dubai property buyers are ensuring the wisest to choose this transforming city for their investment. They are unveiling numerous benefits that come with buying property in Dubai and securing their future by investing in higher ROI properties, which, in comparison, are hard to find in any other real estate market.  

Visa Types for Dubai Property Buyers

1. 6-Month Visa (Multi-Entry):

  •  Eligibility: Investors in real estate in any of the seven emirates who invest in properties worth 1 million AED or more are eligible for this visa.
  •  Duration: Similar to a tourist visa, it permits numerous entry into the UAE within six months.
  • Issuing Authority: This visa is issued by the appropriate immigration authorities; communication with the Dubai Land Department is unnecessary.

2. 3-Year Property Visa UAE:

  • Eligibility: This visa is available to real estate investors who buy homes in the UAE for at least 750,000 AED.
  • Duration: The UAE resident visa is valid for three years.
  • Advantages: This visa enables investors to settle in the country and use benefits, including family sponsorship, an Emirates ID, and a driver's license. The Dubai Land Department issues it.

3. 5-Year Property Visa:

  • Eligibility: Applicants for this visa must purchase real estate in the UAE for at least 2 million AED.
  • The validity of this visa is five years.
  • Benefits: It provides benefits like family sponsorship, much like the three-year property visa.

4. 10-Year Property Visa:

  • Eligibility: Applicants for this visa must invest at least 10 million AED in the UAE, with at least 40% of their investment going toward real estate.
  • The visa has a 10-year validity period.
  • Requirements: Applicants must provide proof of significant investments to be granted this visa. These investments must be kept for at least three years and cannot be funded or lent. Deposits into investment funds, starting a new business with a minimum capital requirement of 10 million AED, or collaborating with an established company whose shares are valued at 10 million AED or more are all viable investment alternatives.
  • Coverage: The applicant's family, dependents, advisor, and executive director are all covered by the 10-year property visa. It can also be given to business partners that want to spend at least 10 million AED.

To accommodate varying amounts of real estate investment in the UAE, these property visas in Dubai offer diverse lengths and qualifying requirements. They allow investors to take advantage of residence privileges and bring their families.

Dubai Property Visa – Recent Updates 

As the Dubai property market nears its peak, ready-to-move properties attain buyers’ full attention

Reported by Gulf News

Thrive in Abu Dhabi Program

The UAE launched the "Thrive in Abu Dhabi" program to attract foreign talent, students, and investors from various industries. Investors who participate in this program are now qualified to apply for a 10-year visa, allowing them to live in Abu Dhabi for an extended period.

UAE Citizenship Law for Investors

The UAE has revised its Citizenship Law to allow foreigners who make sizeable investments in the nation to become citizens of the UAE. To apply for a 10-year visa, applicants first have to invest 10 million AED in a single property, but this restriction has since been removed.

Property Investment Requirements

The prior criteria for a 10-year visa were a single property investment of 10 million AED. People can now invest in a maximum of three homes totalling 10 million AED or more to be eligible for the visa. If the applicant has fully paid off the mortgage value and the property fulfils the 10 million AED requirements, mortgage properties may also be considered for property visas.

Joint Property Ownership

When applying for a real estate visa, applicants must provide a marriage certificate as proof along with other necessary documents in cases of joint property ownership, such as husband and wife.

Family Sponsorship

It is advised for candidates who seek to sponsor their family members to stay up to date on the most recent UAE visa laws because rules governing family sponsorship are subject to change.

These changes reflect the UAE's ongoing attempts to adapt and draw in foreign talent and investors by enhancing the flexibility and accessibility of its residency and property visa programs. To fully take advantage of these opportunities, prospective investors and visa applicants must keep up with the most recent changes to UAE immigration and real estate legislation.

How Do You Apply For a Residency Visa After Buying a Dubai Property? 

visa guidance for Dubai property buyers

After purchasing a home in Dubai, you can take the following actions to apply for a resident visa:

Verify Eligibility

Ensure that the property you purchase has a value at the time of purchase that is at least AED 750,000. This is the bare minimum needed to qualify for a residence visa in Dubai.

Get Your Documents Sorted

You will need the following documents to apply for a residency visa after buying property in Dubai.

For Investor

  • Passport
  • E-Certificate of Title/Title Deed
  • Personal Photo
  • Health Insurance
  • UAE ID (if applicable)
  • Copy of the current residence/entry visa (if applicable)
  • Certificate of good conduct issued by the Emirate of Dubai (addressed to the Dubai Land Department)

For Family Residency Permit (if applicable)

  • No-objection letter from the father (notarized by the notary if the mother is the sponsor)
  • Proof of marital status for daughters over 18 years old from Dubai Courts
  • Copy of ID and original passport of the sponsor
  • Recent personal photo meeting the requirements of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs
  • Health insurance
  • Certified marriage contract
  • Certified birth certificates for children (males and females)
  • IBAN Number

For Parents' Residence Permit (if applicable)

  • Original ID and passport of the sponsor
  • Certified dependency certificate certified by the consulate
  • Personal photo
  • Health insurance
  • Bank statement for the last 3 months
  • Certified birth certificate
  • IBAN Number

Get The Amount Ready

Be prepared to pay the relevant service fees, including the investor residence and family residency permit fees.

Visit The Service Centre And Pay

You must visit the service centre without involving anyone else and pay the applicable fees for your chosen residency permit.

Receive Residence Permit

You will receive an email containing a download link for your residence permit once your application has been reviewed and approved.

Please be aware that you must physically visit the service centre as the applicant. No representatives or escorts may apply on your behalf. Or you can head to the Dubai Land Department for any other assistance in visa application.


In summary, the property market in Dubai is a haven for investors looking for profitable returns and a chance to land a desired domicile in this energetic metropolis. Dubai Properties welcomes investors interested in purchasing real estate and offers various visa options for different investment levels. Before starting this exciting trip, remember to fulfil the qualifying requirements, meticulously prepare your paperwork, and confirm that the property satisfies the minimum valuation requirement.

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