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  • August 25 2023

Bayz by Danube Properties – spelled out as elegance, comfort, and luxury in the heart of Dubai. Bayz by Danube Properties is a residential complex that offers meticulously designed apartments that are made to cater nuance of urban living. This blog is all about the payment plan, amenities, reviews, and significant features that come along with Bayz Tower, Dubai, so you're your decision to reside in this epitome of luxury never faces any inconvenience. Explore the gallery to experience the marvel of Danube Bayz Tower, or dive into authentic reviews that attest to a truly unique home. Welcome to the epitome of excellence; welcome to Bayz by the Danube.

Highlights of Bayz by Danube Properties:

  • Location: Business Bay, Dubai
  • Developer: Danube Properties
  • Type of project:  Mixed used project (Residential and Commercial)
  • Units: 456 Apartments and 7 Retail Outlets
  • Ownership Type: Freehold type

Bayz by Danube Properties – Effortlessly Chic Apartments

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The apartments in Bayz Tower are nothing more than a perfect residential paradise. Dubai's Bayz Tower offers luxury studio apartments and 1,2 & 3 bedroom apartments where the buyer gets an extensive range of investments according to their needs. These spacious apartments will incorporate all the elements of comfort and luxury by delivering attached bathrooms with every room, furnished kitchen, and well-lit terrace. Bayz by Danube Tower is significantly known for blending flair and functionality in every unit, ensuring residents' experience is second to none in the whole UAE. Chic living becomes your everyday norm by living in Dubai's Bayz Tower!

Studio Unit in Bayz by Danube Properties:

The studio unit in Bayz Tower is designed as a bed space with an attached bathroom, furnished kitchen, fixed wardrobes, a well-lit living area, a spacious lounge, and a balcony offering breathtaking views of Dubai City. These apartments are made on 406sq.ft – enough for an individual or any couple to reside in comfort. The average studio apartment in the Danube starting from AED 661,000.

Apartments Unit in Bayz by Danube Properties:

Since you have the choice to buy 1BR, 2BR & 3BR apartments in Bayz Tower, where spaciousness, elegance, and minimalistic design are infused in every corner of the project, in apartments of Bayz by Danube properties, you can have attached bathrooms with spacious balconies that will intertwine the city's vibe in your comfort, a spacious lounge where you can have quality time, and friends gather at any time, and an open furnished kitchen where cooking will seem more fun than a responsibility. There are 120 one-bedroom apartments, 48 two-bedroom apartments, and 24 three-bedroom apartments in Bayz Tower.   Following are further details about apartment units in Bayz by Danube.

  • 1 bedroom apartment is based on 551.01 sq. ft, and its starting price is AED 1,400,000.
  • 2 bedroom apartments are based on 1148.09 sq. ft, and their starting price is AED 1,900,000.
  • 3 bedroom apartments are based on 1365.41 sq. ft, and their starting price is AED 2,400,000.

The Bayz Tower by the Danube, Flexible Payment Plan:

The Bayz Tower offers an exceptionally flexible payment plan. The Danube properties allow paying only 1% monthly installment. Bayz tower'sTower payment plan is as follows;

  • Pay 10% as a down payment
  • Pay 1% of the total amount on a monthly basis
  • Pay the remaining amount at the time of handover 

Unmatched Amenities Found at Bayz Tower by the Danube:

You don’t have to worry about amenities when you see the name Danube Property. Recently Danube Properties awarded Dh 190 million contract to RAQ Construction Company for main construction works in Bayz Tower, a business bay.

Imagine how massive the project is going to be and its amenities. To outline, here are a few commonly found amenities "as stated on the official website” that will make your stay unforgettable at Bayz Tower, Dubai.

  • Swimming pool with Cabanas
  • Party hall cum kid’s play area
  • Barbecue deck
  • Fully equipped health club with state-of-the-art facilities as well as sauna and steam

Nearby Attractions Found at Bayz Tower by the Danube

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Since the exact location of Bayz Tower Danubee is Business Bay, the residents here can enjoy the most convenient location of Dubai every day. Not only near malls and airports, but the Bayz Tower is also home to commercial, residential, and other activities.

Following are some of the nearby attractions easily found at Bayz Tower, Dubai.

Schools near Bayz by Danube Properties:

  • GEMS, our own Indian School
  • JSS Private School LLC
  • Jumeirah English Speaking School
  • Horizon English School

Restaurants near Bayz by Danube Properties:

  • Anbar Restaurant
  • Cake n Chill
  • Pure Punjabi

Supermarkets near Bayz by Danube Properties:

  • Eight Supermarkets
  • Q-Mini Mart
  • Better 1 mart
  • West Zone Fresh supermarket

Neighborhoods near Bayz by Danube Properties:

  • City Walk (3.1 km)
  • Dubai International Financial Center (3.6 km)
  • The Polo Residence ( 3.6 km)
  • Sheikh Zayed Road (4.0 km)

Why you need to invest in Bayz by Danube, review:

Bazy Tower by Danube Properties is an exceptional opportunity that can't be overlooked. This residential project of Dubai knows how to exude elegance and luxury for a perfect residential living – that's what their current residents say!

When you enter the Danube’s Bayz Tower, you will be greeted by prestige pigeon marble in life spaces and foyer, along with excellent quality wood grain finishes in every corner of the project while maintaining the vibe of luxury to develop an unforgettable experience.

Bayz by the Danube goes beyond providing living spaces; they simultaneously incorporate an array of amenities such as a swanky swimming pool, a kids' play area, a BBQ deck, and a community hall that can cherish your tiny happy moments into extravagant celebrations. This community has fostered a sense of socializing and connectivity to lead an active and collaborative lifestyle without even leaving the premises.

Designed with minimalistic space where you can incorporate a family life easily, Bayz Tower apartments are spacious enough to commemorate a healthy lifestyle. In another way – pay for one room while utilizing the space of two. With this opportunity, you can double your ROI and triple your happiness in none other than Danube Properties.


Bayz Tower by Danube Properties is a residence and an extraordinary escape to comfort, luxury and elegance! These apartments for Dubai’s Bayz Tower offer diversified living options the buyer can pick according to his requirements. In Bayz Tower’s residence, you do need to compromise on your desire – every convenience is delivered in the complete endeavor. With mixed-used projects featuring 456 apartments and 7 retail units, life at Bayz Tower Danube is a testament to effortlessly chic and endlessly comfortable residences. With its carefully curated apartments, flexible payment plans, and an array of amenities, this exceptional project by Danube Properties is the epitome of modern Dubai living. So, if you're seeking a home that seamlessly combines elegance and functionality, Bayz by Danube Properties is where your journey to an extraordinary lifestyle begins.


Q1- Who is the top agents to sell, list, and rent in Bayz Tower?

Primo Capital is the top real estate agency of Dubai that has been in continuous collaboration with developer in order to provide 100% authentic, commission free & smooth investments in Byaz Tower Dubai.

Q2- Is Bayz Tower good investment in Dubai?

Definitely, Bayz Tower in Dubai is an excellent investment option to choose as this residential complex is esthetically pleasing, conveniently located and comfortably residing option that is hard to find in Dubai real estate sector. Moreover the success ration of Danube, the developer of Bayz Tower bring an extra confidence in your investment because they are known to be one of the best and trust worthy developers in Dubai.

Q3- What is the starting price of Bayz Tower?

 The starting price of Bayz Tower by Danube Properties is AED 715,000. But the prices may vary time to time depending on the market situation, your preferences and location of the apartment.

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