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  • July 17 2023


Dubai is known to be a Real estate hub because of its ideal location and ultramodern architecture and infrastructure. Its profitably growing Real estate market worldwide makes it a quintessential place for investors and businessmen to initiate their work. The capital city of UAE, which has seven states (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm-ul-Quwain), Dubai's heightened technical departments (design, mechanical, architecture, and construction) has contributed with great effort in making this state the best state in terms of ultra-luxury, comfort and entertainment hub in the world.

Dubai has the world’s busiest airport, which is an outstanding source of high access from around the globe, and its seaports are gigantic in handling the trading for the maritime, making it one of the best destinations to invest in the commercial sector. The good economic condition, booming Real estate, friendly and homely atmosphere, state-of-the-art luxury, mind-numbing architecture, a beneficial state with yielding high rental yields and tax-free system, high-end security and marvellous entertainment facilities is synonymous with Dubai, make it an attractive place to commence the investment for better future. 


Commercial projects are the tangible source for initializing the investment or a business. Commercial projects are a significant source to commence the investment from the smallest to the largest business; it serves an array of possibilities for your going-to-be investment, like houses, offices, warehouse, shopping mall, restaurants or land, making it a suitable niche for every type of investor. Commercial project investments are highly profitable and safe from the stock market's volatility. The investor can earn money through a sale of a project or rental income.



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The capital investment (project) can be channelled through two categories direct and indirect.


A direct investment is made when an investor purchases land, making him a landlord. This process can be ideal for an investor with a significant amount of knowledge about the market and a keen observation for hiring the firms or experts to further help because of the higher risk that commercial projects have. However, they are highly rewarding and profitable but an ingenious is necessary to make this investment.


An indirect investment is an investment in commercial projects via ownership in the stocks and shares of a company, market securities like Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), or make investments in companies that serve the commercial real estate market, such as banks and Realtors. An indirect investment caters for the portfolio for wider and indirect project investment and helps in spreading the investment exposure in Real estate.


Real estate has always been the best source of investment since the beginning of time. Dubai is the reason why it is still one of the best sources of income for most people in the UAE. Real estate comes in two major categories, Residential Real Estate and Commercial Real Estate. Both of these types have their own benefits and characteristics. Investment in any type mentioned above is crucially beneficial.


UAE has the world’s seventh-largest economy and is forecasted to grow further, bringing more luck for future investors and business endeavours. Dubai's economy is exceptionally strong and diverse, focusing on tourism, commerce and finance. The city is home to some of the tallest buildings in the world and the largest shopping centres and is a major centre for international business. Having a good economy, it also has a good political reputation. Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the deputy ruler of Dubai, made implementation on several reforms, including reducing red tape and streamlining the business setup process.


Dubai has an outstanding tax regime with no capital gains taxes, which makes your profits untouched by any external sources like in any other country where the capital gains some percentage of your income; in addition, Dubai has no VAT (value added tax), which makes it clear-cut for investors to buy projects on the final price quoted by the sources.


Dubai has the most promising ratio of providing good rental yields significantly. As you may say, "higher the rental yield, the better the investment's profit" Dubai is prominent in generating good rental yields in the whole world due to its ideal location, high-end technology, great infrastructure and best Real estate deals which makes it a splendid place for investing in the commercial projects.


Dubai's stable political situation is another important factor that makes it an attractive investment destination. The city is part of the United Arab Emirates, a federation of seven emirates ruled by the same royal family since its founding in 1971. The United Arab Emirates has a stable government and a solid record of political stability. This gives a degree of certainty for businesses operating in Dubai, helping to attract foreign investment.


 Dubai's thriving tourism industry, along with its world-class events and exhibitions, contributes to the demand for commercial spaces such as hotels, retail outlets, and event venues.


The city's modern infrastructure, advanced transportation systems, and access to amenities make it an attractive location for businesses and tenants.


Multiple commercial projects catch the attention of investors across the globe; however, Investing in Dubai Real estate is considered an ideal investment due to the emirate's strategic location and attractive policies of the UAE government, especially after the relaxation of restrictions related to COVID-19, more and more investors are eager to invest in its assets. All in all, the future of the Dubai property market is certainly very bright. 


Dubai, the hub of Real estate with no exception, has got its business nickname with the help of great contribution by the Business Bay, the place full of grandeur, high-tech services and both commercial and residential projects catering for the masses with an exceptional location in the heart of the city near Downtown Dubai and Jumeirah. Having the whole personification of this place with luxury and esteeming projects from which Bay Square and Iris Bay provide the best deals for renting out offices are the most popular projects.


Business Bay has an incredible variety of commercial and residential projects which are great for investment, namely "Bugatti Residence, Burj Binghatti, Al-Habtoor Tower, EYWAH, The Quay Side, Regalia” and Primo Capital is sourcing out the best deals for investment.   


Another marvel in the land architecture of the world, Palm Jebel Ali is an astonishing man-made island which is located in the south of the Jebel Ali free zone under The Palm Islands, which had two islands already (Palm Jumeirah and Deira Islands) was idealized in 2002 to expand Dubai and attract more tourists and investors due to a superficial approach is set to be launch in 2023. As per the national news, the Palm Jebel Ali megaproject relaunch could further turbocharge Dubai's housing market as real estate agents report a 300 per cent rise in the value of some waterside properties. It is double the size of Palm Jumeirah and will provide beachside residences, luxury amenities, and lush green spaces to 35,000 families and 80 hotels. Palm Jebel Ali will certainly entertain the masses for greater investment in commercial and residential projects in Dubai. 


Orla is Omniyat’s 13th luxuriously promising project having world-class amenities and facilities such as a private, resident-only beach club, a large, temperature-controlled outdoor infinity pool, a private cinema, a state-of-the-art fitness centre, a business centre with two meeting rooms, a boardroom, a multi-functional events space, and library and cigar lounges is located in the Palm Jumeirah comprising of 85 two-to-four-bedroom homes, three outstanding sky palaces, and one of the largest private mansions.

Founder & executive chairman of OMNIYAT, Mahdi Amjad, said, “Following the phenomenal success of last year's launch of ORLA, Dorchester Collection, Dubai, we are excited to watch the rise of this highly anticipated property, which is the creative culmination of three leaders in their respective fields – Dorchester Collection, Foster + Partners, and OMNIYAT. This is the next step on a journey to an iconic destination – at the peak of Palm Jumeirah and the pinnacle of ultra-luxury living."

It showcases exclusivity with finesse and garners the increasing interest of investors looking forward to investing in Dubai.  


This extravagant contribution to the cuisine world through architecture will be the world’s tallest hotel with 82 standalone Parisian floors serving the finest food in the world inspired by the “Le Ciel de Paris Restaurant", which will now be Dubai's most fine dining experience. Designed by architectural firm NORR in a Japanese style, featuring 1,042 guestrooms, including 150 suites.

As stated in Al Arabiya News, “We are thrilled to bring Ciel to Dubai’s skyline, a ground-breaking project that will redefine upscale hospitality and showcase the best of what the city has to offer. Despite the challenges presented by the pandemic, we are making great progress and firmly on track to open the property officially in 2024,” said Rob Burns, CEO of The First Group. 


Built-in response to the growing demand for office and commercial space and to give it’s elegant yet successful style, the architectures Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill have extracted the luxury and elegance of the world's strongest material (The Diamond) is replicated with brilliance to give the facades the edge with angled glass to mimic the structure of the diamond with 81 lavish floors. This is the tallest building in the uptown district with A-grade commercial and residential space, retail, outlets, hotels and amenities.  


The Dubai Opera District is set within part of the thriving Downtown Dubai district; it plans to develop into a mysterious arts cluster and highlight Dubai's status as a global cultural hub because of its unrivalled location and awesome amenities. Between the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa, many residences, hotels, museums, galleries, jazz clubs and restaurants exist. Dubai Opera offers amazing deals and places to commence the investment for a better future.


Emaar’s magnificent venture is an impressively designed twin high-rise building with 65 storeys of residential, and 55 storeys of entertaining hotel apartments with luxurious and world-class amenities is a valuable asset for Dubai's Real estate economy and its spectacular location with all imagined luxuries and amenities will grasp investor's vision. To make it feasible and accessible "Primo Capital” offers an exclusive deal for you in the stunning Address Residences Dubai Opera project. 


A beautiful luxury property development located in the heart of Downtown Dubai is inspired by the iconic crystal brand; this stunning masterpiece features extravagant, luxurious crystal chandeliers with modern lighting, which beautifies the aura giving you an unforgettable experience that combines art and emotion. Its central location gives residents easy access to new and old Dubai, including iconic skyscrapers and colourful cultural attractions. They will be resulted in a good source for the investors to begin the investment purposefully and take it to successful heights.  


Damac Hills 2 is another good area to invest in real estate in Dubai. This is a well-planned and eco-friendly neighbourhood that is expected to grow further in the coming years. Therefore, investing in this is a profitable option. Incredible supermarkets, beaches, restaurants, and several up-and-coming attractions, make it an ideal residential location. Whether you're looking for lavish villas or condos for sale in Damac Hills 2, you'll find plenty of choices in this area.  


A trailblazing venture in Real estate with commercial and residential projects to benefit the investor and project a magnificent splendour of liability in the business. Dubai's flourishing economy and highly reputable Real estate market promise better advancements for any business to be successful. As early as possible and as quick as a click can be concluded for the investment in commercial projects because there is never a suitable time to initiate the investment as it is for you to make the right time and commence the process to help you swiftly process the investment through amazing deals, “Primo capital” provides with liability and assurity which indeed are the basic fundamentals to begin an investment with.

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