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  • October 10 2023

Property in Dubai is always in high demand. Due to foreign affairs, increasing opportunities, bustling tourism and tremendous developments in the city have gathered attention from around the world. Everyone is talking about buying property in Dubai or looking for commercial property for sale in Dubai. No other country, estate or region is enjoying such attention, which is undoubtedly a green flag for anyone interested in buying property in Dubai or investing in UAE's real estate sector. But the question is how much money is enough to invest in Dubai Property or what budget should an investor have before looking for property for sale in Dubai?


This question will be the foundation of your decision, and to make it flow in the right direction – Primo Capital has created a blog on "minimum investment required to buy property in Dubai." All the estimation is based on the experience of our real estate experts, who deal daily with clients and have a breaking record for closing real estate deals with diversified clients' budgets. So don't worry if you have a minimum investment in your hand – Primo Capital will make sure to transform your dream of buying property in Dubai into a tangible reality.

Dubai’s real estate market needs “sustainable pricing” for middle-income families.

-Issue reported by Khaleej Times

Minimum Investment Required to Buy Property in Dubai – Commercial Lane

Most commercial properties for sale in Dubai are pricy, but when you hunt well, you can find favourable options that come with flexible payment plans. Here, we have constituted a few minimum investment options with a specific price range.

· Price Range: The lowest investment required to buy commercial property for sale in Dubai starts from AED 700k – 1M. In this price range, you can easily purchase commercial property in Dubai with suitable areas, amenities and favourable neighbourhoods that will make your investment an excellent & profitable asset.

· Areas: Areas that offer commercial properties for sale in Dubai with this price range are Jumeirah Lake Tower, Business Bay, Dubai Investment Park and Downtown Dubai.

Minimum Salary Required to Buy Property in Dubai – Commercial Lane

Looking for commercial property for sale in Dubai with a minimum salary is the thought of many! Many individuals want to invest in real estate in Dubai without being hurt by financial burdens. To cater to this demand, we have made some specifications regarding prices, areas and properties.

· Price Range: The average salary of the commercial property buyer in Dubai should start from AED 15k – 20k monthly and 1.8M – 3M annually. With this pay scale, you can easily buy or invest in Dubai's commercial properties for sale.

· Areas: Areas offering commercial properties for sale in Dubai with this salary price range can be found in International City, Dubai Land, Dubai South and Dubai Park.

Dubai residential prices increased 17% in the second quarter, with further increases expected.

- Report by The National News

Minimum Investment Required to Buy Property in Dubai – Residential Lane

Since properties in Dubai offer extensive approaches in residential niches, it automatically cuts prices for buyers looking for affordable options. You can buy a studio apartment, 1-bedroom flat or 2,3 & 4 4-bedroom apartment in Dubai with minimum investment.

· Price Range: The minimum investment to buy residential property in Dubai starts from AED 600k – 900K, where you can quickly get various options to purchase residential property for sale in Dubai.

· Areas: Places where you can buy residential properties for sale in Dubai with the minimum investment are Dubai Silicon Oasis, Deira, Dubai Sports City, Jumeirah Village Circle, and Dubai International City.

· Residential Properties Available At Primo Capital: Imperial Avenue Apartments, Expo Golf Villas, and Regalia are the properties that fall within the AED 600K – 900K price range.

"Prices quoted for projects are not fixed. They might get changed/increased."

Minimum Salary Required to Buy Property in Dubai – Residential Lane

Buying residential properties for sale in Dubai can be more cost-effective than commercial properties because the residential niche in real estate always comes in handy conditions that automatically make the prices stable for buyers or investors. Following are the minimum salary required to invest in Dubai's property.

· Price Range: The minimum investment salary in Dubai's property should be AED 10K – 25K monthly and AED1.5M annually. Through this price bracket, you can make a smooth, profitable and decent investment in the real estate industry of Dubai.

· Areas: The areas to get a house, villa or studio apartment with minimum salary sale are Ajman, Dubai Production City, Dubai Sports City, Jumeirah Lake Tower and International City.

· Properties At Primo Capital: Canal Heights, Millennium Binghatti, Vera Residences, Paramount Hotel Tower & Reva Residences are residential options you can buy with minimum investment.

Savvy Strategy to Buy Property in Dubai with Minimum Investment – Off-Plan Properties in Dubai


Investment in off-plan properties in Dubai presents a savvy strategy for those looking for ways to enter Dubai's property market with a relatively minimal investment. Off-plan properties for sale in Dubai refer to real estate properties that are promoted and sold before construction. These properties often come at comparatively lower or discounted because developers are keen on securing funds for construction. By investing in off-plan properties in Dubai at this early stage, prospective buyers can capitalize on lower initial prices and payment plans stretched over several months or even years, easing the financial burden.

In Q2, the real estate market of Dubai thrived with 38% growth in off-plan properties transactions

-Report by Arabian Business

Additionally, the Dubai property market has seen a consistent trend of property value appreciation by the time of completion, which means buyers could benefit from a significant return on investment when the property is ready. It's imperative, however, for investors to conduct thorough research and due diligence. Collaborating with reputed developers, understanding the project timelines, and being aware of the contractual obligations can shield investors from potential pitfalls. As the Dubai real estate market evolves, off-plan properties remain attractive for those with a strategic, long-term vision in real estate.


Buying property in Dubai is the dream of many but attained by few. Various factors, including affordability, hike in real estate prices and stability of incomes, back this statement up. However, with a strategic approach and good research skills, you can invest in Dubai’s property with minimum investment. Whether you opt for commercial properties for sale in Dubai or buy a residential property in Dubai – the Dubai property market is never going to disappoint you! 

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